WoW MoP Remix: Daily Raid Lockouts Confirmed

Blizzard has confirmed that the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Remix event will have daily lockouts.

WoW MoP Remix: Daily Lockouts Confirmed

With many players excited about the upcoming World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Remix event, Blizzard has now officially confirmed that the raids will have a daily lockout, as supposed to the standard weekly one. This is a limited-time event in which players will be able to travel back in time during the Mists of Pandaria days where you would fight mighty effigies and spirits in an attempt to bring balance back to Azeroth.

With that being said, we will be taking a look as to which raids will be available and how often you will be able to take your chances at obtaining some highly-desired cosmetics, transmogs, and mounts in Retail WoW.

WoW MoP Remix



WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix Daily Raid Lockouts

WoW MoP Remix Daily Raid Lockouts

In a recent blue post, The World of Warcraft team stated that players will be able to complete the MoP Raids daily, instead of being forced to wait an entire week to try to get some rare mounts and cosmetics.

The lockouts for the following raids in Mists of Pandaria content now reset each day, for both Dragonflight and WoW Remix characters:

Normal and Heroic 10-player Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring, and Throne of Thunder.

  • Normal and Heroic 10-30 player Siege of Orgrimmar
  • Mythic 20-player Siege of Orgrimmar

Raid lockouts will return to a weekly cadence after WoW Remix closes.

Battle for Azeroth raid mechanics which block legacy encounter completion for small groups have been adjusted to be more permissive. Groups of five or fewer players should no longer be blocked by mechanics that cannot be completed at that raid size.

- Linxy, Community Manager

This is fantastic news as now players will be able to fully benefit from this limited-time event and indulge themselves in the tranquil atmosphere of Pandaria.



WoW MoP Remix Community Sentiment

WoW MoP Remix Event

Overall, the community is very excited to try out the Mists of Pandaria Remix event as it will allow players to not only experience raiding during the olden days but also give them a chance to snag some cool loot in the meantime. 

Some players are also stating that World Bosses will also be daily, so the loot table is only growing bigger. The event itself goes live May 16 at 10:00 am PDT worldwide. We currently do not know how long the event itself will last, but with the daily lockouts, you will certainly have enough time to farm your desired cosmetics.

It seems that some of the players were anticipating an authentic World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria experience, however, Blizzard never had the intention of forcefully tuning up the difficulty, but instead will give players more incentive to revisit old content for the chance of getting rare cosmetics.