World of Warcraft SoD Phase 4: New Endgame Relics

12 new Endgame Relics will be introduced in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 4. Here's everything we know so far.

World of Warcraft SoD Phase 4: New Endgame Relics

In the endgame of WoW Season of Discovery Phase 4, Paladins, Shamans, and Druids will have access to 12 new Librams, Totems, and Idols. We got some important information from Blizzard's Phase 4 preview video. It even highlighted some of the new relics, which can be found in endgame dungeon content. 

In this article, you will find more information about the upcoming WoW SoD Phase 4 Endgame Relics. Please, do keep in mind that some information has been datamined by the dedicated WoWHead team.

Paladin Librams


Libram of the Consecrated

  • Reduces the mana cost of your Consecration spell by 50%.


Libram of the Devoted

  • Your Shield of Righteousness spell causes you to gain 35 block value for 10 sec.


Libram of Holy Alacrity

  • Your Holy Shock spell reduces the cast time of your next 2 Holy Lights by 0.2 sec.


Libram of Truth

  • Increases the armor from your Devotion Aura by 55.



Druid Idols


Idol of the Grove

  • Your Regrowth spell energizes you for 50 mana when it heals a target.


Idol of Exsanguination (Bear)

  • Your Lacerate ticks energize you for 3 rage.


Idol of Exsanguination (Cat)

  • The energy cost of your Rake and Rip spells is reduced by 5.


Idol of the Swarm

  • No info yet



Shaman Totems


Totem of the Plains

  • The cast time of your Healing Rain spell is reduced by 100%.


Totem of Raging Fire

  • Your Stormstrike spell causes you to gain 0 attack power for 12 sec.


Totem of Thunder

  • The cast time of your Lightning Bolt spell is reduced by -0.1 sec.


Totem of Earthen Vitality

  • Your melee attacks with Rockbiter Weapon restore 2% of your total mana.


There you have it - all endgame items in WoW SoD Phase 4 that we know of so far. Special thanks to the WoWHead team for the information! Stay tuned for more World of Warcraft content.