Vasco Location In Starfield

This is where you can find and recruit everyone's favorite robot - Vasco!

Credit: Bethesda

In the vast expanse of virtual worlds, few experiences captivate the imagination like embarking on a spacefaring journey in a video game. Bethesda Game Studios, renowned for crafting immersive open-world adventures, is set to release its highly anticipated title, "Starfield." This game promises to transport players to the outer reaches of the cosmos, where they will explore uncharted planets, engage in interstellar trade, and uncover the mysteries of the universe. Amidst the stars and celestial wonders, a unique feature awaits: the enigmatic robot companion known as Vasco. In this article we will go over how you can find and recruit Vasco.

You will unlock Vasco after the first combat mission
Credit: Bethesda

Vasco location and how to recruit him:

Finding Vasco is part of the main quest of Starfield. After playing through the initial mining tutorial mission, you will be able to create your character and start exploring the surrounding area. Follow Supervisor Lin until you go outside and speak with Barrett. After talking to him you will engage in the first real combat encounter in the game. The combat encounter is not very taxing and is mostly used as a tutorial help introduce you to the game's systems. Once the space pirates have been liberated, go speak to Barrett again and he will introduce you to Vasco and instruct him to accompany you in the missions to come!

How to unlock Vasco the robot companion in Starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Vasco will help you learn the mechanics of the game and will assist you in future combat encounters as well. 

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