Starfield Unveils Terrifying Octopus-Spider Hybrid Enemy

One Starfield player's shocking discovery has ignited debates within the gaming community, with many questioning if this new enemy design ranks among Bethesda's scariest foes.


Bethesda, the developer behind acclaimed titles like Skyrim and Fallout, has a history of creating terrifying adversaries, such as the Draugr Death Overlord and Deathclaws. However, players are now suggesting that Starfield, their highly anticipated game, introduces an even more frightening enemy.

The object of fear in question is the "Hunting Cephalopod," a creature that left players trembling as they encountered this alien entity, which appears to be a hybrid of a spider and an octopus.

Reddit user Gourd Enthusiast shared a spine-chilling encounter with these nightmarish beings: "If you thought Terrormorphs were scary, well, I present to you: Giant level 40 Spider-Octopus hybrids."

In a video shared by the player, the bewildered Starfield character quickly sought refuge upon encountering these towering octopus-like monsters. However, the beasts scaled their cover effortlessly and initiated an attack. The space explorer narrowly escaped by emptying multiple rounds into the aggressive aliens, ultimately defeating them.

Starfield terrormorph locations

The Starfield community was stunned by this alien revelation. One player humorously commented, "Arachnecephalopod isn't real; it can't hurt you… or can it?"

In contrast, experienced Starfield players remained unfazed by these towering aliens. "No jetpack? I simply fly over these guys and rain down on them. The hover ability in the Boost Assault Training skill is great for dealing with any melee enemies," advised one player.

However, for some players, the real source of fear in Starfield lies not with the aliens but with the eerie smiles of the game's NPCs.


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