Starfield: Mathis Castillo Recruitment and Location

Despite potential distrust from your other companions, having Mathis Castillo as part of your crew is a valuable addition.


In the vast world of Starfield, you have the opportunity to enlist various companions. While most of your crew members will be loyal members of Constellation, there's a chance to bring aboard a notorious member of the Crimson Fleet: Mathis Castillo.

You'll encounter Mathis relatively early in the Crimson Fleet faction mission. However, unlocking him as a companion requires meeting specific criteria. Be cautious, as your choices during this brief faction quest chain can affect your eligibility to recruit him.

Despite potential distrust from your other companions, having Mathis Castillo as part of your crew is a valuable addition.

Starfield Mathis Locaiton

How to Align with Mathis Castillo in Starfield

To secure Mathis Castillo as your companion in Starfield, you must side with him during the "Echoes of the Past" mission. This mission is one of the initial Crimson Fleet missions, where you, alongside Mathis, Delgado, and other Crimson Fleet members, search for Kryx's last known location.

Should You Support the Crimson Fleet in Starfield?

Towards the end of this mission, Delgado, the leader of the Crimson Fleet, will inquire about Mathis's assistance. To align with your fellow Crimson Fleet recruit, express that Mathis has indeed been helpful in the mission. This response will convince Delgado to accept Mathis into the Crimson Fleet.

Failure to do so will result in Mathis being expelled from the Fleet and attempting to harm you later in the story.

How to Choose the Crimson Fleet in Starfield

The second prerequisite for recruiting Mathis Castillo is to side with the Crimson Fleet at the conclusion of the faction's final mission, "Eye of the Storm."

Throughout this quest chain, you'll likely navigate between the United Colonies System Defense and the Crimson Fleet. Ultimately, you must make your final decision regarding the fate of Kryx's Legacy.

Selecting the UC System Defense will lead to the Fleet's destruction. To recruit Mathis, you must deliver Kryx's Legacy to Delgado at The Key. This will prompt you to engage in a massive space battle against the UC, culminating in a raid on the UC Vigilance, with Mathis providing crucial support.

Starfield Crimson Fleet

How to Recruit Mathis Castillo as a Companion in Starfield

After successfully completing the final mission and defeating the UC, you can find Mathis Castillo on the command deck of The Key, alongside Delgado.

Here, you have the opportunity to invite Mathis to join your crew as a companion. Additionally, you can assign Mathis to work at one of your Outposts if you require assistance.

Stats and Skills of Mathis Castillo

Perhaps you wish to recruit Mathis for his character or because you're seeking companions with valuable skills to optimize your crew and Outposts.

Mathis Castillo's Skills and Stats:

  • Incapacitation: 2 Stars
  • Ballistics: 1 Star
  • Weight Lifting: 1 Star

If you were anticipating Mathis to be a robust addition to an Outpost, you may be slightly disappointed. However, there's a role for him, particularly if you need security at your Outpost. With proficiency in Incapacitation and Ballistics, Mathis excels with weapons capable of dealing both EM and Physical damage.

Moreover, his expertise in Weight Lifting allows Mathis to carry more, making him a suitable choice for accompanying you on your adventures or as a valuable addition to your ship. Regardless of where you decide to utilize Mathis, he's undoubtedly relieved that you chose not to eliminate the Crimson Fleet.


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