Starfield Lockpicking Guide: Everything You Need To Know

In the futuristic realm of Bethesda's space RPG, Starfield, the art of lockpicking, or as it's known in the game, 'digipicking,' is a skill that can open doors to hidden treasures and valuable secrets.

Credit: Bethesda

In the futuristic realm of Bethesda's space RPG, "Starfield," the art of lockpicking, or as it's known in the game, 'digipicking,' is a skill that can open doors to hidden treasures and valuable secrets. Mastering this technique is essential for any intrepid spacefarer looking to explore every nook and cranny of the cosmic landscape. Whether you're seeking to infiltrate secure facilities or uncover well-guarded caches, understanding how to 'digipick' is a must. This article serves as your guide, walking you through the process of 'digipicking' in "Starfield" and ensuring that you're equipped to unravel the mysteries that lie behind locked doors.

What is digipicking?

Digipicking is Starfield's version of lockpicking. You can find different different containers in the game which are locked, and the only way to unlock them is through the lockpicking system. First off, in order to start the digipicking 'mini-game' you need to have a 'Digipick' item. These are the lockpicks of the Starfield universe and you will be able to find them all over the world, you can also buy it from select vendors.

Starfield digipick item
Credit: Bethesda

Keep in mind any time you attempt to unlock a container you will lose 1 digipick, so take your time. Once you have a digipick and you find something you can use it on, you will load into the puzzle mini-game.

In this mini-game you will be presented with two rings - an outer and inner ring which have some gaps in them.

Starfield lockpicking guide step 1
Credit: Bethesda

You will also notice that on the right side of the screen you have a few different 'Keys' you can select. Selecting any of these keys will allow you to rotate them around the ring. You will be using these keys on both the outer and inner ring of the lockpicking mini-game.

Selectable keys
Credit: Bethesda

Once you select one of the keys you can rotate it around the outer ring. Play around with the different keys and find a variation that fits in the gaps of ther ring. You can only use the keys if all of the pips allign with the gaps in the ring.

allign the keys into the gaps
Credit: Bethesda

Here is the catch though - in a lot of situations you will find that multiple of the keys are able to fit into the gaps provided by the rings. So in order to successfully lockpick, you will need to plan ahead. Try to find combinations of keys that will be able to fit together. You can pre-allign one of them before moving on to the next so it's easier to coordinate.

plan ahead
Credit: Bethesda

Once you find the correct combinations for both the outer ring, you will be left with less options for the inner ring. At this point it's just a process of elimination which is much easier. Find the correct remaining combination for the inner ring and you will be able to unlock whatever it is you are trying to open. Enjoy your loot!

digipicking completed in Starfield
Credit: Bethesda

As you journey through the uncharted territories of "Starfield," the ability to 'digipick' empowers you to access places that might otherwise remain off-limits. This skill allows you to uncover hidden treasures, uncover vital information, and forge your own unique path in the cosmic landscape. With your newfound 'digipicking' knowledge, you'll become a master of unlocking potential and revealing the secrets that the universe holds. So, as you navigate the stars and delve into the unknown, remember that the skill of 'digipicking' is your key to uncovering the captivating and enigmatic aspects of the immersive world of "Starfield.'' 

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