Starfield: Locations of All Shipyards

There are a total of 19 distinct ship manufacturers in Starfield, each specializing in various aspects of spacecraft.


In the world of Starfield, traveling through space is the core experience. With your Frontier ship, you'll embark on your stellar adventures. While this starting ship is capable of taking you to all the star systems in the game, as you journey farther, you'll likely want to upgrade it.

This is where shipyards come into play. These upgrade hubs offer you the opportunity to enhance your ship or even purchase a superior class of vessel if necessary.

Numerous shipyards are spread across the various star systems, each belonging to different corporations. Each of these shipyards offers a diverse range of advantages and components, with some items being exclusive to specific locations.

Starfield staryard locations

All Ship Manufacturers in Starfield

There are a total of 19 distinct ship manufacturers in Starfield, each specializing in various aspects of spacecraft. Every shipyard in the game is affiliated with one of these manufacturers, each focusing on a particular ship component.

  • Amun Dunn: Specializes in Reactors
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc: Deals with Ballistic Weapons and Fuel Tanks
  • Deimos: Offers Ballistic Weapons and Starships
  • Deep Core: Known for Cargo Holds and Grav Drives
  • Dogstar: Handles Cargo Holds and Reactors
  • Horizon Defense: Provides Ballistic Weapons and Energy Weapons
  • HopeTech: Produces Structural Ship Parts
  • Light Scythe: Experts in Energy Weapons
  • Nautilus: Specializes in Fuel Tanks and Shields
  • Nova Galactic: Offers Grav Drives and Landing Gear
  • Panoptes: Known for Engines
  • Protectorate Systems: Provides Cargo Holds
  • Reladyne: Specializes in Engines and Grav Drives
  • Sextant Shield Systems: Deals with Shielded Cargo
  • Shinigami: Known for Energy Weapons
  • Slayton Aerospace: Offers Grav Drives
  • Stroud Eklund: Specializes in Luxury Ships
  • Taiyo Astroneering: Deals with Cockpits and Landing Gear
  • Xiang: Specializes in Reactors

Each manufacturer offers its services through various shipyards, which can be categorized as either ground-based Ship Service buildings or Staryards floating in space. Depending on your proximity to these shipyards, you can opt to land and upgrade your ship or make a quick space stop to acquire what you need.


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