NEW UPDATED T1 Champion Picks for LoL Worlds 2023 Skins

Keria and Faker change their League of Legends Champion picks for the upcoming Worlds 2023 skin line. Here's the full updated list of selected champs for the skins.

NEW T1 Champion Picks for LoL Worlds 2023 Skins
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Earlier in December 2023, T1 announced their champion picks for their LoL Worlds 2023 skin line. However, today it was revealed that Faker has changed their choices, moving away from Ahri and opting for Orianna instead. This comes as a huge shock to League of Legends fans who celebrated their original selections. Let's delve into the updated details for the T1 Worlds 2023 skins:

As of today, leaks suggest the release date of the skins might be just a few patches away. Read more about it here.


Updated T1 Champion Picks for LoL Worlds 2023 Skins

T1 champion picks for Worlds 2023 skins UPDATED
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Update: Since the release of this article the lineup has changed once more. Keria is keeping Bard as his preferred choice, although he briefly picked Renata. 

T1 won the League of Legends 2023 World Championship in November, earning them a dedicated skin line. While we initially shared their champion picks, Faker has a change to his choice, going with Orianna. As of today, we know that he didn't pick Ahri because she got a special Faker Hall of Fame skin line.

The updated (July 9th) official picks for the LoL Worlds Skins are as follows:

  • Top (Zeus): Jayce + Prestige
  • Jungle (Oner): Lee Sin
  • Mid (Faker): Orianna
  • Bot (Gumayusi): Jinx
  • Support (Keria): Bard



More About the Worlds 2023 Skins:

Find a detailed article on the upcoming Worlds 2023 skin line here, but here are the highlights so far:

  • Faker and Keria changed their LoL Worlds 2023 skin champion picks to Orianna and Renata (previously Ahri and Bard). Then Keria changed his mind and he's going with Bard once more.
  • Zeus's pick, Jayce, will receive the Prestige skin as he was the MVP of the LoL Worlds 2023 Championship.

Updated LoL Worlds 2023 Skins Release Date:

The T1 Worlds 2023 Championships skins are expected to be released in League of Legends with patch 14.16, according to leaks. At present, the LoL community awaits an official release announcement from Riot Games.