LoL Leaks Suggest the Possible T1 Skins Release Date

League of Legends fans might be getting the T1 Worlds skins in the game very soon, according to leaks.

LoL Leaks Suggest the T1 Skins Release Date
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Everyone keeps asking, "Where are the T1 Skins?" since they've taken quite a lot of time. Well, leakers have exciting news for League of Legends fans! The new T1 Worlds 2023 Team Skins might be released soon, according to leaks! 

NOTE: The information provided in this article is based on speculation and leaks and is not to be interpreted as official information from the developers.

T1 Skins Release Date Leak

According to the leak, the new T1 Worlds 2023 Team Skins will be released with LoL patch 14.16 (launching on August 14, 2024, according to the Riot Games schedule). They will be available for testing in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) on July 30th and will be live on servers starting August 14th. As we mentioned before, this information is a leak.




Changes in Champion Picks

T1 Worlds
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In December 2023, T1 revealed their champion picks for their Worlds 2023 skin line. However, there have been some unexpected changes. Faker switched his choice for the champion. Originally, he chose Ahri, but now he's going with Orianna instead. We can speculate that this is most likely because League of Legends just launched special Faker Hall of Legends skins for Ahri and LeBlanc.



Updated T1 Champion Picks

T1 Champ Picks

Here are the updated champion picks for the T1 Worlds 2023 skins:

  • Top (Zeus): Jayce + Prestige
  • Jungle (Oner): Lee Sin
  • Mid (Faker): Orianna
  • Bot (Gumayusi): Jinx
  • Support (Keria): Bard

More About the Worlds 2023 Skins

These skins are a celebration of T1's victory at the League of Legends 2023 World Championship in November 2023. Zeus's pick, Jayce, will receive a special Prestige skin as he was the MVP of the championship.

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming T1 Worlds 2023 skin line, and mark your calendars for the release dates. It's going to be an exciting addition to the game for all League of Legends players!