Apex Legends Season 19 Leaks: New Legend Conduit

Conduit's Abilities revealed for Apex's newest support Legend?

New Season 19 Legend Leaks: Conduit
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Amid a storm of recent leaks and fake news, we finally have eyes on the likely abilities for the new Season 19 legend, Conduit!

Conduit was first planned to join the legend roster in Season 18, however was delayed for further development and replaced with Revenant Reborn. It is only in recent days that solid information has dropped about Conduit's role and abilities.


conduit real passive.PNG

Recharging shield via nearby allies speaks to Conduit's primary role as a supporting Legend, benefitting greatly from playing amongst your squad. Rapid shield regeneration also combos extremely well with the leaked tactical ability, Arc Flash.


conduit real tact.PNG

Of all the leaked abilities, Arc Flash seems to have caused the biggest buzz in the community. Legends seldom have on-demand 'saves' for their teammates, so a panic button as powerful as Arc Flash would certainly shake up gameplay in Season 19.


conduit real ult.PNG

A support ultimate with brutal carry potential seems certain to secure a solid pickrate for Conduit, if this is indeed how this incoming Legend arrives in the Apex games!

Final Thoughts:

While these are leaks and Conduit may undergo changes before the release of Season 19, most agree that this new Legend would create a massive splash in the meta as it exists today! Would you main Conduit in S19?

For a full video breakdown of these leaks and more Apex news, check out our update video by coach 8Second below! 

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