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Bobqin is a multi-season Challenger player who is known for his insane Leblanc skill. According to the NA Challenger community, he is the Rank 1 Leblanc in the world. Bobqin has defeated several World Champions in 1v1 mid lane matchups and continues to thrive on the highest level of competitive play.

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I've helped elevate players from Iron all the way up to Challenger in my 4 years of coaching experience. In my eyes, there's always a way for someone to improve. My courses on GameLeap are your quickest way to learn the ins and outs of League, so you can quickly climb a few divisions in the next few weeks! Thank you for your tremendous support everyone!

EagzChallenger 425 videos
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challenger  LP 1100 +

Thinkcard is a veteran LCS coach, who has also been in the top 5 highest rated Challengers in NA. He has vast experience in several tier 1 teams, including CLG, Cloud9, FlyQuest, EchoFox and many others.

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challenger  LP 1000 +

Tempest is consistently ranked among the top 10 Challengers in NA, peaking at rank 2. He is known as the most skilled Yasuo player in the region. He has joined GameLeap to teach you everything he's learned in over 20,000 hours of playing, so you can rank up much faster.

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GameLeap is an excellent resource of reliable pro player tips for anyone who wants to learn. I used to watch YT videos before but most of them were outdated and created by 3k players.


Went from 2k to 4.3k in 1 month

GameLeap is what I use to stay up to date with the constant new patches in Dota. PROMOCODE BSJ!!!


Went from 2k to 3k in 2 months

The daily releases and helpful community is what keeps me coming back. Great service, I recommend it if you value your time and want to improve.


Went from 4k to 4.7k in 2 months