Monopoly GO: 'Anniversary Bash' Rewards and Milestones

If you are looking for some free Dice rolls and Peg-E tokens, then the second version of the 'Anniversary Bash' solo event is everything you need! Here are all of the rewards and milestones from the latest event in Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO: 'Anniversary Bash' Rewards and Milestones

Scopely introduces new solo and leaderboard events nearly every day. Today's event is the second version of the 'Anniversary Bash'. This solo event offers a varied array of rewards, including Cash, Sticker Packs, Dice Rolls, a brand new Scottie Board Token, and numerous Peg-E tokens, indicating that the Peg-E Prize drop mini-game is back. Participants in the 'Anniversary Bash' can accumulate points to reach different milestones, with the final milestone awarding up to 14,700 Dice Rolls and 611 Peg-E tokens. This article provides an in-depth look at the rewards of the 'Anniversary Bash' solo event, along with tips and strategies to maximize your earnings.

Monopoly GO: Anniversary Bash Rewards and Milestones



Monopoly GO 'Anniversary Bash' Rewards and Milestones

Similar to other Monopoly GO events, the 'Anniversary Bash' offers players a list of milestones to reach, each unlocking different rewards including Cash, Sticker Packs, free Dice Rolls, and this time, Peg-E tokens. The 'Anniversary Bash' features 49 different tiers of rewards, with a maximum of 14,700 Dice Rolls and 611 Peg-E tokens available for players to earn. Keep in mind that this event is only going to last for 2 days, starting on April 21st, so earning as many points as possible will skyrocket your future earnings.  Below is the full list of rewards and milestones for the 'Anniversary Bash' solo event in Monopoly GO. 

Milestone Points 'Anniversary Bash' Rewards
1 5 5 Peg-E Tokens
2 5 20 Dice Rolls
3 5 Sticker Pack (1 Star x2)
4 10 Cash
5 50 130 Dice Rolls
6 10 8 Peg-E Tokens
7 15 10 Minutes Cash Grab
8 15 Sticker Pack (1 Star x2)
9 15 13 Peg-E Tokens
10 100 225 Dice Rolls
11 20 Cash
12 25 Sticker Pack (1 Star x2)
13 25 15 Peg-E Tokens
14 25 Cash
15 200 Scottie Board Token
16 30 10 Minutes Rent Frenzy
17 35 Sticker Pack (2 Star x3)
18 40 30 Peg-E Tokens
19 45 Cash
20 350 600 Dice Rolls
21 45 Cash
22 50 45 Peg-E Tokens
23 50 10 Minutes High Roller
24 55 Sticker Pack (3 Star x3)
25 700 1,000 Dice Rolls
26 80 Cash
27 60 Sticker Pack (4 Star x4)
28 65 60 Peg-E Tokens
29 70 125 Dice Rolls
30 500 Cash
31 100 150 Dice Rolls
32 150 Cash
33 200 75 Peg-E Tokens
34 250 Cash Boost 5 Minutes
35 1,000 1,200 Dice Rolls
36 300 Sticker Pack (5 Star x6)
37 350 90 Peg-E Tokens
38 400 Cash
39 500 Cash
40 2,000 3,000 Dice Rolls
41 600 High Roller 20 Minutes
42 650 120 Peg-E Tokens
43 700 850 Dice Rolls
44 1,600 Cash
45 750 900 Dice Rolls
46 800 150 Peg-E Tokens
47 850 Sticker Pack (5 Star x6)
48 900 Cash
49 4,000 6,500 Dice Rolls

Below you will find some tips and tricks that will help you earn as many points as possible!



How to Earn Points For 'Anniversary Bash' in Monopoly GO

tax and utility monopoly go objective.png

There are several effective strategies to earn a significant number of points for the second version of the 'Anniversary Bash' event in Monopoly GO. This event focuses on Tax and Utility spaces, meaning that the most efficient way to accumulate points is by landing on Tax and Utility tiles on the board. Given that there are two Tax tiles located close to each other on the left side of the board, we recommend aiming for a higher multiplier when you're near these tiles. This approach can significantly increase your rewards if you're fortunate enough to land on any of them.

Monopoly GO: 'Anniversary Bash' Rewards and Milestones



And that concludes our guide on the Monopoly GO: 'Anniversary Bash' event. By applying these tips and strategies, you can accumulate a significant number of free Dice rolls, propelling you toward becoming the wealthiest player in the game. If this guide has been helpful, check out our Latest Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO and Today's Event Schedule.