Monopoly GO: All 'Winners' Avenue' Rewards and Milestones

If you are looking for some free Dice rolls, then the new Winners' Avenue event is everything you need! Here are all of the rewards and milestones from the latest event in Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO: All 'Winners' Avenue' Rewards and Milestones

Scopely has just released one of the biggest Monopoly GO events of the year. Called 'Winners' Avenue', this event will allow players to accumulate points by doing certain activities within the game, which can be used to hit different milestones and unlock a ton of rewards, including Sticker Packs, Cash, and free Dice rolls. 'Winners' Avenue' is going to be a limited-time event, launching on March 10th and only lasting for 48 hours. Dedicated players who manage to reach the final milestone will be rewarded with a total of 16,140 free Dice rolls.

Making use of these events is crucial if you want to progress through Monopoly GO and earn as much money as possible. In this article, we will provide you with the full list of rewards and milestones for the new 'Winners' Avenue' event, with a few tips and tricks sprinkled in so you can earn as many Dice rolls as possible!

Monopoly GO Winners' Avenue Free Dice



Monopoly GO Winners Avenue Rewards and Milestones

Similar to other Monopoly GO events, 'Winners' Avenue' provides players with a list of milestones they can reach, with each of them unlocking different rewards that include Cash, Sticker Packs and free Dice Rolls. 'Winners' Avenue' features 50 different tiers of rewards, with a maximum amount of 16,140 available Dice rolls for players to earn. Here is the full list of rewards and milestones for the 'Winners' Avenue' event in Monopoly GO!

Milestone Points Winners' Avenue Rewards
1 10 80x Wheel Tokens
2 5 One Star Green Sticker Pack
3 5 25x Dice
4 15 100x Wheel Tokens
5 30 90 Dice
6 10 Cash
7 15 150x Wheel Tokens
8 10 Sticker Pack
9 15 10 Minutes Cash Grab
10 90 225x Dice
11 10 180x Wheel Tokens
12 20 Cash
13 20 Sticker Pack
14 20 220x Wheel Tokens
15 20 Cash
16 200 475x Dice
17 20 250x Wheel Tokens
18 25 Sticker Pack
19 30 5 Minutes Cash Boost
20 25 Cash
21 300 650x Dice
22 35 280x Wheels
23 40 Cash
24 40 Sticker Pack
25 45 Cash
26 465 900x Dice
27 70 10 Minutes High Roller
28 80 Sticker Pack
29 85 125x Dice
30 95 320x Wheel Tokens
31 345 Cash
32 105 150x Dice
33 115 25 Minutes Rent Frenzy
34 150 Cash
35 200 400x Wheel Tokens
36 1,155 2,000x Dice
37 185 Sticker Pack
38 210 Cash
39 230 Sticker Pack
40 350 500x Wheel Tokens
41 2,310 3,500x Dice
42 375 20 Minutes High Roller
43 415 600x Wheel Tokens
44 440 Sticker Pack
45 1,850 Cash
46 465 500 Dice
47 695 Cash
48 810 800x Wheel Tokens
49 925 15 Minutes Cash Grab
50 4,050 7,500x Dice

Here are some tips and tricks for earning points!



How to Earn Points For Winners Avenue in Monopoly GO

There are a few different methods that will allow you to earn a lot of points for the new 'Winners' Avenue' event in Monopoly GO. 'Winners' Avenue' is a Tax and Utility event, which means that the best way to earn points is by landing on the Tax and Utility tiles on the board. If you want to further optimize this method, you should increase your Dice multiplier before you attempt to land on these tiles, which will drastically increase the amount of points you will earn.

The second way of accumulating points towards the event is by joining any of the other daily and weekly events and tournaments. The 'Twist to the Top' event is live alongside the 'Winners' Avenue' one, and you can try to double dip into the rewards and earn a ton of Dice rolls. The last way of earning points for the 'Winners' Avenue' event is by just playing the game. Regular Monopoly GO activities will give you enough points to unlock some of the earlier rewards and are a good stepping stone for some of the riskier plays you can make.

That covers everything you need to know about the new 'Winners' Avenue' event in Monopoly GO. Make sure to unlock as many rewards as possible, as the event will only be up for 48 hours, ending on March 10th. For more Monopoly GO news and events, make sure to check out our section on the website!