Monopoly GO: All Vacation Voyage Rewards and Milestones

In this article, we will cover the milestones and rewards you can get from the Vacation Voyage leaderboard event in Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO: All Vacation Voyage Rewards and Milestones

One of the biggest Monopoly GO events since the start of the year has just been released, and it's called 'Vacation Voyage.' Similar to other tournaments and events, players will be able to participate and accumulate points, unlocking different milestones and earning tons of in-game rewards. Unlike other events, 'Vacation Voyage' features 43 tiers of milestones, each offering unique rewards such as Sticker Packs, Cash, and a ton of free Dice rolls. From this event alone, you can earn up to 17,685 Dice rolls, which is one of the highest yields of 2024.

The 'Vacation Voyage' event will be available for 72 hours, starting at 8:30 AM EST on July 10th. Participating in this event and unlocking rewards will put you ahead of the curve. In this article, we will provide you with the full list of rewards and milestones, as well as some tips and tricks for earning points!

Monopoly GO Vacation Voyage Event Dice Rolls



Monopoly GO Vacation Voyage Rewards and Milestones

As with other events in Monopoly GO, players who participate will be able to collect points and reach milestones, earning them various in-game rewards such as Sticker Packs, Partner Event Tokens, and a grand total of 17,685 Dice rolls. Keep in mind that this event is only going to last for 3 days, so earning as many points as possible is going to skyrocket your future earnings. Here is the full list of rewards and milestones for the new "Vacation Voyage" event in Monopoly GO!

Milestone Points Vacation Voyage Rewards
1 5 100x Tokens
2 10 30x Dice Rolls
3 15 Cash
4 45 120x Tokens
5 20 Sticker Pack
6 25 50x Dice Rolls
7 35 120x Tokens
8 180 180x Dice Rolls
9 35 160x Tokens
10 40 Sticker Pack
11 45 250x Tokens
12 350 325x Dice Rolls
13 45 25 Minutes of Mega Heist
14 60 270x Tokens
15 70 Cash
16 650 500x Dice Rolls
17 75 300x Tokens
18 85 Sticker Pack
19 100 Cash
20 1,200 1,000x Dice Rolls
21 130 400x Tokens
22 110 Cash
23 150 10 Minutes of High Roller
24 350 300x Dice Rolls
25 220 450x Tokens
26 280 Cash
27 1,700 1,400x Dice Rolls
28 400 500x Tokens
29 550 Sticker Pack
30 650 700x Dice Rolls
31 750 600x Tokens
32 2,000 1,800x Dice Rolls
33 800 Sticker Pack
34 1,000 700x Tokens
35 1,200 Cash
36 2,700 2,100x Dice Rolls
37 1,500 Sticker Pack
38 1,600 900x Tokens
39 3,500 2,800x Dice Rolls
40 1,200 10 Minutes of Cash Boost
41 1,300 Cash
42 1,500 1,000x Tokens
43 6,000 6,500x Dice Rolls



How to Earn Points for Vacation Voyage in Monopoly GO

There are a few different methods that will allow you to earn a lot of points for the new Vacation Voyage event in Monopoly GO. Vacation Voyage is a Tax and Utility event, which means that the best way to earn points is by landing on the Tax and Utility tiles on the board. If you want to further optimize this method, you should increase your Dice multiplier before you attempt to land on these tiles, which will drastically increase the amount of points you will earn.

That covers the full list of rewards and milestones available in the new 'Vacation Voyage' event in Monopoly GO! Using these tips and tricks is going to help you earn as many points as possible, which in turn is going to provide you with a ton of free Dice rolls. For more Monopoly GO events and news, make sure to check out our dedicated section on the website!