LoL Season 14 Guide: How To Get Tons of MMR and LP in Ranked

We will briefly go over some helpful tips on how you can win more ranked games and gain MMR and LP. 

LoL Season 14 Guide: How To Get Tons of MMR and LP in Ranked
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League of Legends Season 14 will be starting on January 9th, 2024 so we will be taking a look at the best tips you can use to climb the ranked ladder and get to your desired rank.

Not only will Season 2024 include a very different Summoner's Rift with map terrain changes, a new catalog of items, and changes to neutral objectives that will completely shake things up in League of Legends.

This guide includes a lot of great strategies that will help you increase your win rate so you can perform better in Ranked and get some sweet LP and MMR along the way. As soon as you start climbing by following the tips in this guide, the faster you will reach your dream rank. 

LoL Season 14 Ranked Tips
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LoL Season 14 Ranked Tips: Dodge Games When Necessary

There will be almost no negative repercussions to dodging games at the start of the season besides the queue timer. There will be no LP penalty, your rank will not go down until you have completed your placement matches in League of Legends.

This will ensure that you will have a favorable team composition so you can maximize your chances of winning your ranked games.

This will apply to all roles so whether you are playing an ADC that wants to have a better support champion or playing top lane and you see you are being countered, it is better to maintain a winning streak during your placement matches so you can boost your MMR and make it easier on yourself once you have gotten your rank.



LoL Season 14 Ranked Tips: Play As Much As Possible

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Although this might be difficult for players who do not have a lot of spare time to play League of Legends, your primary goal will be to escape the low ELO environment so you can start playing with much better teammates who will be more reliable.

Since over half of the League of Legends Ranked player base is Gold or below, you will need to try and get to Platinum as soon as possible. This is a surefire way of climbing efficiently at the beginning of the season as spamming games not only helps you improve but helps you get ahead of the curve.

We recommend that you do not play any ranked games during the first week and a half of the season, as a lot of players usually troll games. At the 10th-day mark, you can start playing as much as possible. 



LoL Season 14 Ranked Tips: Abuse The Meta

You will need to take advantage of the meta so you can secure some easy wins before Riot Games nerfs and hotfixes any imbalanced strategies. We will take a look at some overpowered items and build archetypes so you can make use of them as much as possible.

Terminus Item LoL


Terminus (On-hit Build)

  • You should build this item as much as possible. On-hit effects will be king at the start of the season and you can check out our guide here for more information.
Hollow Radiance Item


Hollow Radiance (Tanks)

  • Tanks will be incredibly strong, especially against mages that will deal tons of damage with their new items.
Cryptbloom Item LoL


Cryptbloom (Mages)

  • Mages will be able to dish out a lot of damage against squishy champions, allowing them to dominate the meta at the beginning of the season. 

This tip helps you identify which is strong so you can pay attention when the meta shifts how to react accordingly, and start changing up your strategy to get the best results when ranking up. You need to be aware of the meta at all times if you would like to adapt quickly and win as many games.



LoL Season 14 Ranked Tips: Don't Get Tilted

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You need to keep a good mental attitude to make sure you play your best. If you get stressed out or tilted, you will be prone to more mistakes and frustration, causing you to lose games you could have won. 

It is completely okay to have a bad streak, League of Legends matchmaking is not very reliable as it can just place you in tough matches. What matters is that you learn from the mistakes you have made, take a breather, and go again with a fresh mindset. 

A player who is calm and thinking straight has a higher win rate than a player who gets lucky but gets emotional once the winning streak is over. You need to remain focused and give yourself some space between each game to analyze how it went so you can try again in the next one. 



LoL Season 14 Ranked Tips: One Trick To Learn The Meta

You must have a reliable comfort pick once you are put in a tough spot. Ideally, this one trick will help you learn the meta, have an easier time identifying threats and power levels, boost your macro game strategy and overall ensure that you are performing at your best. 

Since Season 14 has a lot of changes set in place, you will need to learn how to navigate the new map, along with the changes to neutral objectives. This will allow you to get a steady amount of MMR and LP without causing too many issues in your League of Legends matches.

If you would like to learn more then make sure to check out our in-depth video here: