LoL: Leaked Skins, Events, and Mythic Shop Rotation Roadmap

Here are all leaked upcoming League of Legends skins and events LoL players can expect in mid 2024.

LoL: Leaked Skins, Events and Mythic Shop Rotation Roadmap
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With the upcoming release of the Faerie Court skins in League of Legends, there are no other officially confirmed skin leaks. However, thanks to leaker Big Bad Bear, LoL players have a sneak peek at the roadmap for 2024. Let's take a look at all of the upcoming skins, events, and mythic shop rotations set to be released on the Summoner's Rift in League of Legends.



Upcoming Skins in LoL

Faerie Court
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  • Faerie Court Skins: Tristanna, Lux, Soraka, and Lillia will get Faerie Court Skins in the next patch 14.10, bringing a touch of mystical charm to the beloved LoL champions. Learn more here.
  • Hall of Fame Ahri: Honoring the legendary LoL player Faker, this patch 14.11 release celebrates one of League of Legends' most iconic names.
T1 Skins
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  • T1 Skins: The Jayce, Lee Sin, Orianna, Jinx, and Bard skins might be released soon, with the possibility of a Prestige Jayce skin. T1 will get the honor of receiving their personalized skins after winning the 2023 League of Legends Championship. Learn more here.
  • Crystalis Indomitus Xerath: This special skin will be released with patch 14.12, joining the new Mythic theme.
  • Filler Skins: Expected in patch 14.13, these skins will likely add variety to the lineup. So far we don't know anything about them or their theme.
  • Prestige Skins: Yummi (patch 14.14) and Leona (patch 14.15) are set to receive prestige skins. This is a special occasion for all Leona and Yummi mains, however, we don't know which skin line these skins will belong to. Learn more here.



Potential Upcoming Mythic Shop Skins Rotation in LoL

Mythic Shop
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Mythic Shop rotations include exclusive and limited-time skins, special chromas, and other collectibles. They can only be purchased with mythic essence, which costs more than regular orange essence.

  • Patch 14.10: Prestige Arcade Caitlyn, Prestige Nightbringer Kayne, Prestige Fuzz Fizz, Prestige Ascended Pantheon, Dark Star Cho'Gath, Hextech Renekton, and Crystalis Indomitus Kha'Zix.
  • Patch 14.12: Prestige Faerie Court Katarina, Prestige True Damage Senna, Prestige Phoenixmancer Xayah, Prestige Coven Leblanc, Dawnbringer Karma, Hextech Nocturne, and another glimpse of Crystalis Indomitus Xerath.



Potential Upcoming Events in LoL

Anima Squad LoL
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Leaks indicate that the Big Summer Event in League of Legends will mark the return of the Anima Squad, a fan-favorite skin line. Seraphine and Zoe are rumored to join the skin line, possibly alongside the confirmed Prestige Leona and Yummi skins.

Additionally, there's speculation about an Anima Squad Lissandra skin, according to Big Bad Bear, although its existence remains uncertain due to a leaked concept art that may have been scrapped.

League of Legends fans can expect a lot of exciting content in the future! While leaks offer glimpses into what's to come in LoL, nothing compares to the thrill of experiencing these new features firsthand. So, summoners, prepare yourselves for a year filled with magic, prestige, and unforgettable moments in the ever-evolving world of League of Legends.