LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs: All Qualified Teams

We will take a look at which 8 teams were able to advance forward to the League of Legends EMEA Championship Playoffs stage.

LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs: All Qualified Teams

With the LEC 2024 Summer Split Regular Season now over, all 8 of the qualified teams are preparing for an epic showdown to see which roster deserves to be crowned the best of the best. Not only will teams compete to win the Summer Split title but also for a chance to qualify for the biggest League of Legends tournament - the World Championship. 

This time around, the Summer Split had the most engaging and nail-biting matches from any other split in recent years, as BDS, SK, FNC, and G2 all seemed on par in terms of performance. Finally, the LEC does not feel like a one-team region, but rather a plethora of diverse and amazing talent with rosters all sharing different strengths and weaknesses. With that in mind, we will quickly go over all of the teams that managed to advance to Playoffs.



LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs

LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs Bracket

Image via LEC

The League of Legends EMEA Championship is in full gear as 8 teams are preparing for a crucial Bo3 series against the best of the best the region has to offer.

SK Gaming

LEC 2024 Summer Split SK Gaming
LEC, SK Gaming

SK Gaming kicked off the split with a massive roster change by importing LCK bot lane talents Rahel and Luon. Not only did the team improve their macro and team fights, but also on an individual level as well. 

Team BDS

LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs Team BDS

Once again, this goofy team managed to capture the hearts of the LEC fans as the roster not only showed incredible resourcefulness but also immaculate team fighting as well as great objective prioritization and overall dominance. 



G2 Esports

LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs G2 Esports
G2 Esports

Although G2 Esports seemed shaky at first, the roster was able to quickly pick up the pace and return to its glory of being one of the best teams to ever grace the Western League of Legends pro scene. Although it is still uncertain who will manage to win the Summer Split, we can always count on G2 to bring their A-game in Bo3s. 


LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs Fnatic
LEC, Fnatic

With FNC leading the charge early into the Regular Season, the roster seems unstoppable with Noah and Jun dominating the bot lane. However, the match against G2 also known as El Classico always seems to throw Fnatic off as by the end of the Regular Season the players seemed very shaky afterward. 



Karmine Corp

LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs Karmine Corp
Karmine Corp

This year's LEC newest team to join the ranks was Karmine Corp, and although a lot of hype was built around the performance of this organization, the roster quickly sank to the bottom of the region. Both the Winter and Spring splits were horrible for KC, but it seems the team was finally able to find some breathing room so let's see what the Playoffs will entail.

Team Heretics

LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs Team Heretics
LEC, Team Heretics

Team Heretics saw some great improvements ever since the introduction of their new mid laner Zwyroo who for a rookie showed great results, so it seems the roster is now more in sync both in terms of macro and team fights. However, their Regular Season was shaky as the team was unable to close out games which ultimately led to some unfortunate mistakes costing TH the match.




LEC 2024 Summer Split GIANTX

GIANTX has always struggled to consistently close out games, but with the Summer Split roster changes, it seems the organization is on the right track to polishing up their performance, so hopefully they are able to bring their A-game in Playoffs.


LEC 2024 Summer Split MAD Lions KOI

MDK saw a phenomenal comeback story in the Winter split, however, their following Spring and Summer Regular Season performances cast a dark shadow over the organization. However, the team was able to fight back tooth and nail and secure a spot in Playoffs. We might see another dark horse in the midst of the LEC top dogs.

And that covers all of the teams that will be facing off in the Summer Split League of Legends EMEA Championship Playoffs. The competition will be merciless as not only will players fight to win the Summer Split title but also for a chance to represent the LEC on the international stage.