How to Get Robinquill Terra in Palworld: Location, Breeding Combos & Drops

Here's how and where to catch pal 087 Robinquill Terra, and also how to breed it.

Palworld: Robinquill Terra Breeding Combinations & Where to Catch
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Robinquill Terra is a very useful companion in Palworld, standing out with great stats and skills. In this guide, you will learn how to add it to your paldeck, where to find it, and how to breed it, along with some other useful information.



Who is Robinquill Terra in Palworld?

Robinquill Terra
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Robinquill Terra is listed as #087 in the paldeck. They are Grass and Ground Element type companion, which means they can be very useful in battles against Ground and Electric Type pals. However, keep in mind that Robinquill Terra is countered by Fire and Grass Element pals. They're described as a pal that lives a hunting life in rocky areas and is very close to humans. Whenever Robinquill Terra bones are found in ruins, human bones are always found nearby as well.

Skills & Drops

Robinquill Terra has some very useful skills, such as handiwork, lumbering, medicine, transporting, and gathering. It comes with the Hawk Eye partner skill, which boosts the player's damage dealt to enemy weak points. It offers great drops such as arrows and wheat seeds.



Where to Find Robinquill Terra in Palworld?

Where to Find Robinquill Terra in Palworld
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Robinquill Terra can be found in the area shown above, both during the daytime and the nighttime.

How to Catch Robinquill Terra in Palworld?

Robinquill Terra is a Ground Element Pal and a Grass Element Pal, so it's advisable to bring along Grass-type and Fire-type Pals for the battle, as they counter it. However, avoid bringing high-level Pals, as they might accidentally defeat Robinquill Terra. Palworld players don't need High-Quality Spheres to catch this pal, as it's not that rare.



How to Breed Robinquill Terra in Palworld?

You can add Robinquill Terra to your Paldeck without having to fight it. Here is a breeding combination for it:

  • Fuddler and Robinquill

Robinquill Terra can also be hatched from a Large Verdant Egg.

You can also use Robinquill Terra in breeding to get some amazing Pals. Here are some breeding combos for Robinquill Terra:

  • Robinquill Terra and Bellanoir -> Azurobe
  • Robinquill Terra and Bellanoir Libero -> Azurobe
  • Robinquill Terra and Gobfin Ignis -> Vaelet
  • Robinquill Terra and Lamball -> Daedream
  • Robinquill Terra and Penking -> Foxcicle

We hope we've helped you find Robinquill Terra! Check out the rest of our Palworld guides and tier lists.