Honkai Star Rail 2.3 leaks: New Light Cones & Relic Sets

Discover everything you need to know about the latest leaks for Honkai Star Rail 2.3 new Light Cones and Relic sets in this article.

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 Light Cones leaks: New Light Cones & Relics

The release of the Honkai Star Rail 2.3 update is eagerly anticipated by the game's dedicated fan base. Recent leaks have shed light on the exciting new Light Cones and Relic sets that players can expect to encounter in the upcoming patch. This article covers the latest Honkai Star Rail 2.3 leaks, including new Light Cones and Relic sets.

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 Light Cones Leaks

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According to the leaks, 3 new 5-star Light Cones are set to make their debut in the 2.3 update. These powerful light cones will provide unique abilities and effects to those who wield them:



Limited-time 5-star Light Cone 1

The first Light Cone will grant its wielder a significant boost to their Break Effect and Critical Rate just before unleashing the ultimate attack.

This potent combination of effects promises to deliver devastating blows to even the most formidable enemies.

Limited-time 5-star Light Cone 2

When the user's Attack (ATK) stat surpasses a certain threshold, this Light Cone will bestow an impressive increase in follow-up attack damage.

This strategic advantage will undoubtedly prove invaluable in prolonged battles where strategic positioning and timing are crucial.

Herta Shop 5-star Light Cone

While the specifics of this Light Cone are still shrouded in mystery, leaks suggest that it will directly enhance the user's ATK stat by a fixed amount.

This straightforward yet powerful effect could make this Light Cone a coveted choice for those seeking raw offensive power.



Honkai Star Rail 2.3 Relic Sets Leaks

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In addition to the new Light Cones, leaks have unveiled 4 Relic sets that players can look forward to acquiring in the 2.3 update:

Relic Set 1 (4-piece set effect)

This set will grant its wearer the ability to bypass a portion of their opponent's Defense (DEF) when their Break Effect exceeds a certain threshold.

Moreover, surpassing a higher Break Effect threshold will allow the user to ignore an even greater portion of the enemy's DEF, potentially opening the door to devastating offensive assaults.

Relic Set 2 (4-piece set effect)

When the user activates their ultimate ability or initiates a follow-up attack, they will gain a stack of Boost, which increases their damage output. This Boost effect can be stacked up to two times, granting a substantial offensive advantage.

However, the user will lose all stacks of Boost when their turn ends, encouraging strategic timing and positioning.



Relic Set 3 (2-piece set effect)

This set rewards coordinated team play by granting the user a stack of Boost whenever an ally launches a follow-up attack. Each stack of Boost will increase the user's follow-up attack damage, incentivizing players to carefully manage their team compositions and attack patterns.

Additionally, when the user reaches the maximum number of Boost stacks, their Critical Damage (CRIT DMG) will receive a notable increase.

Relic Set 4 (2-piece set effect)

Designed to exploit elemental weaknesses, this set will enhance the user's Break Effect for a certain number of turns when they strike a target afflicted with Fire Weakness.

This strategic advantage could prove invaluable in battles where exploiting elemental vulnerabilities is key to victory.




Light Cones:

Light Cones Effects
Limited-time 5-star Light Cone 1 Increased Break Effect and Critical Rate before using the ultimate attack.
Limited-time 5-star Light Cone 2 Increased follow-up attack damage when ATK exceeds a threshold.
Herta Shop 5-star Light Cone Direct ATK stat increase.

Relic Sets:

Relic Sets Effects
Relic Set 1 (4-piece) Ignore enemy DEF based on Break Effect thresholds.
Relic Set 2 (4-piece) Gain Boost stacks (up to 2) for increased damage on ultimate/follow-up attacks.
Relic Set 3 (2-piece) Gain Boost stacks from ally follow-up attacks, increasing follow-up damage and CRIT DMG at max stacks.
Relic Set 4 (2-piece) Increased Break Effect against Fire Weakness targets for a number of turns.

As the release of Honkai Star Rail's 2.3 update approaches, leaks about the new content have sparked excitement among players worldwide. The introduction of powerful Light Cones and Relic sets is expected to bring significant changes to gameplay strategies and encourage adventurers to learn and master new mechanics.

Although leaks should be approached cautiously, the possibility of these additions has certainly increased the anticipation for the upcoming content among players.