Hades 2: How to Pass Time (Time-Gated Mechanics Explained)

Are you wondering what the green clock means in Hades 2? Here is everything you need to know about the different time-gated mechanics and how they work!

Hades 2: How to Pass Time (Time-Gated Mechancis Explained)
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Hades 2 brings a wide range of different systems and mechanics to the table, and Supergiant Games did not lie when they said that this will be the most feature-rich title they have ever made. From more combat options, such as Omega Attacks and Hexes, to new meta progression systems in the form of Arcana Cards and the Grasp of the Arcana upgrades, there are many choices you can make that will impact each subsequent attempt at defeating Chronos.

One new feature in Hades 2 is time-gated mechanics, which forces players to come back at a later time in order to collect their resources or to finish their incantation or brew at the Cauldron. Since the timer on these mechanics is a little vague, in this article, we are going to go into detail on how it works and what you have to do in order to pass the time.

Hades 2 Passing Time
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How Does Time Work in Hades 2?

Some mechanics in Hades 2 are time-gated, and you can spot them by the little indication above them that will have a number and a green clock right next to it. The number next to the clock goes down whenever you visit different locations in the underworld and the surface (A location is each individual chamber you enter, including ones with enemies, a shop, or a blessing). For example, if you have a plant that has a clock and the number 12 next to it, it means that you are going to have to start a run and visit 12 chambers before you are able to harvest it.

Even if your run ends before the designated time, you will still receive progress, and the timer will continue to go down. Here are some of the different mechanics that have time-gated elements in Hades 2:

  • Certain brews and incantations at the Cauldron.
  • Waiting for your planted seeds to grow.
  • Supplies from Charon's Stash.
Hades 2 Time-gated Mechanics
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How to Pass Time in Hades 2

There are currently two different ways in which you can pass time in Hades 2. We already discussed one of them, which is going on a new run and completing different chambers, with each chamber making the number go down by 1 instance. The second way of passing time is by visiting the Crossroads Hot Springs by gifting Bath Salts to one of the supporting characters in the game. You can gift Bath Salts to a few different characters, including Dora, Nemesis, and Odysseus, but most of them will require you to deepen your relationship with them first.

Each visit to the Crossroads Hot Springs will pass the time by 12 instances, which is the equivalent of going through 12 different locations in a run.

Hades 2 Bath Salts
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That is everything you need to know about the different time-gated mechanics in Hades 2. Don't forget to plant your seeds and start brewing in the Cauldron each time before you start a new run, as you will be much more efficient and you will have more resources whenever you return back to the Crossroads. For more Hades 2 news and guides, make sure to check out these articles: