Fallout 76: Mole Miner Locations & Variants

Discover all the locations to find Mole Miners in Fallout 76 in this comprehensive guide.

Fallout 76: Mole Miner Locations

If you're a Fallout 76 player, chances are you've encountered the Mole Miners. These mutated former coal miners have made the decaying mines and caves of Appalachia their home. You might find yourself looking for these miners to complete event quests or in need of materials. This guide covers all Mole Miner spawn locations in Fallout 76.

Mole Miner Locations in Fallout 76

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Mole Miners are mostly found in the Ash Heap and Savage Divide regions of Appalachia. These areas are known for their abundance of abandoned mines, quarries, and underground tunnels – the perfect hideouts for these mutated creatures

However, their presence isn't limited to these regions alone, they've been spotted in various other locations across the wasteland:

  • Big Bend Tunnel
  • Blackwater Mine
  • Brim Quarry
  • Hornwright Industrial Headquarters 
  • Hornwright Testing Sites
  • Kerwood Mine
  • Monongah and Monongah Power Plant
  • Mount Blair and Mount Blair Trainyard
  • Pleasant Valley Ski Resort 
  • South Cutthroat Camp 
  • The Burning Mine
  • The Rusty Pick 
  • Uncanny Caverns
  • Welch



Seismic Activity Event

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If you're itching for a more significant challenge, consider participating in the Seismic Activity Event.

  • This event is triggered by launching a nuke at the Abandoned Mine Shaft 2 in the Ash Heap region.
  • During this event, you'll face off against the formidable Ultracite Titan, a giant mole rat boss, and waves of Mole Miners.

Mole Miner Characteristics and Variants

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It's important to note that Mole Miners are highly organized and travel in groups. They follow a hierarchical structure, with foremen and supervisors leading the lower-ranking miners. This societal structure makes them strong, as they often attack in coordinated efforts.

Defeating Mole Miners can yield valuable rewards, including weapons, ammunition, and rare crafting materials. However, the true prize comes from the elusive Treasure Hunter Mole Miners. These passive variants periodically roam Appalachia, carrying coveted Mole Miner Pails filled with unique loot.

Nevertheless, here are all known Mole Miner variants:

  • Mole Miner
  • Mole Miner Scraper
  • Mole Miner Digger
  • Mole Miner Rockbreaker
  • Mole Miner Foreman
  • Mole Miner Supervisor
  • Glowing Mole Miner
  • Mole Miner Sapper
  • Mole Miner Dredger
  • Mole Miner Skullcrusher
  • Deadly Mole Miner
  • Scorched Mole Miner (all regular variants have a Scorched counterpart)
  • Mole Miner Juggernaut (Daily Ops boss)
  • Treasure Hunter Mole Miner




Whether you are looking to complete quests or find materials, knowing the spawn locations of Mole Miners is important. Make sure to gear up with the best armor set if you can, because facing groups of these miners can be a daunting task. So suit up, head to the Ash Heap and Savage Divide, and hunt these mutated miners.