10 Best Armor Sets in Fallout 76, Ranked

Discover the top 10 best armor sets in Fallout 76 with this comprehensive guide.

10 Best Armor Sets in Fallout 76, Ranked

In the vast and unforgiving world of Appalachia in Fallout 76, threats are all around the corners, and you need to have the best protection you can get. Lucky for you, there are various armor sets that could save you from untimely death. In this guide, we'll provide you the top 10 best armor sets in Fallout 76, so you can be the unbeatable vanguard.

10 Best Armor Sets in Fallout 76

As you navigate the treacherous landscapes of Appalachia, encountering everything from Alien Invaders to Super Mutants, having the right armor can be a game-changer. Each armor set in Fallout 76 offers varying levels of protection against different types of damage, radiation resistance, and unique perks tailored to specific playstyles.

Here's our definitive ranking of the best armor sets in Fallout 76, taking into account their overall performance, rarity, and suitability for different gameplay approaches.



10 - Covert Scout Armor

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This lightweight armor is designed for players who want to sneak around and avoid detection from enemies. Each piece provides a bonus that makes you harder to spot when crouching and moving quietly.

The lightweight nature also helps reduce carry weight for your gear. While not the toughest armor, it's great for stealthy play styles.

#9 - Arctic Marine Armor

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Originally created for soldiers battling in freezing Alaskan conditions, this durable armor lives up to its marine name. It has solid protection against incoming gunfire, energy weapons like lasers or plasma, and even resistance to withstand cold temperatures. A versatile defensive option.



#8 - Metal Armor

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For pure damage resistance against physical threats like bullets, explosives, and melee weapons, Metal Armor is your best bet.

It comes in light, medium, and heavy variants. Light sacrifices some protection for better mobility, while heavy prioritizes maximizing damage reduction at the cost of carry weight.

#7 - Scout Armor

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A very balanced armor choice, the Scout set does a good job of guarding you from both ballistic and energy-based ranged attacks. It also has moderately high radiation shielding. Two color variants (urban and forest) allow you to pick your style.



6 - Robot Armor

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The assorted Robot armors not only protect against incoming bullets and laser fire, but they have a built-in bonus resistance to radiation exposure from nuclear zones.

Different weights let you choose between higher damage resistance or faster movement speed.

#5 - Brotherhood Recon Armor

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This is special recon armor used by the Brotherhood of Steel faction in the game. One of its biggest perks is the ability to add a jetpack mod, letting you sail through the air! It excels at soaking up ballistic damage but has lower energy and radiation resistance.



#4 - Thorn Armor

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Based on the standard Scout armor design, the Thorn version has some unique additions. Its brambles and vines make you even harder to detect when crouching and sneaking around.

If an enemy does get close enough to strike you in melee range, they'll take continuous bleeding damage over time.

#3 - Excavator Power Armor

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While categorized as Power Armor and providing robust protection like other sets, the Excavator line is made for hauling heavy supplies. Its special perk reduces the penalty for carrying lots of weights/junk, making it a mobile garage for resource-hungry players.



#2 - Strangler Heart Power Armor

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This menacing Power Armor doesn't just defend, but goes on the offensive thanks to its mutated strangler vine coverings.

Any enemies wandering too close will be continually poisoned by the armor's noxious fumes, damaging them over time. Combining offense and defense in one imposing suit.

#1 - Secret Service Armor

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Considered the absolute best all-around armor set, the Secret Service offers unmatched protection.

It has incredibly high damage resistance to stop incoming bullets, lasers, plasma, you name it. On top of that, it blocks enormous amounts of radiation too.

Not to mention that it can use a jetpack too and has several mod options. Based on our experience, this heavy armor is the best of the best.




Number Armor Set Name
1 Secret Service Armor
2 Strangler Heart Power Armor
3 Excavator Power Armor
4 Thorn Armor
5 Brotherhood Recon Armor
6 Robot Armor
7 Scout Armor
8 Metal Armor
9 Arctic Marine Armor
10 Covert Scout Armor

Choosing the right armor set in Fallout 76 can mean the difference between survival and succumbing to the dangers of the Wasteland. Whether you prioritize stealth, offense, defense, or utility, there's an armor set tailored to your playstyle.

Remember, no single set is perfect for every situation, and adaptability is key. Consider building a diverse arsenal of armor sets to tackle various challenges and environments effectively.