Dress Your Companions in Swimsuits in Starfield: A Quick Guide

The game offers a plethora of clothing options, and yes, you can even have your companions rock a bikini or swim shorts for those relaxing moments.


Who doesn't appreciate a stylish swimsuit, especially when it comes to your companions in Starfield? The game offers a plethora of clothing options, and yes, you can even have your companions rock a bikini or swim shorts for those relaxing moments.

Whether you prefer a bikini or swim shorts depends on the gender of your character. The swimsuit you're after is a vibrant leaf-patterned suit adorned with gold accents.

Here's how to find and dress your companions in these stylish swimwear:

Locating the Swimsuit:

  1. Head to the Porrima System: On the galaxy map, venture east of Alpha Centauri and southeast of Cheyenne to reach the Porrima system.

  2. Land on Porrima II: You'll want to land on the planet Porrima II, specifically in the city of Paradiso.

Starfield paradiso location

Finding the Swimsuit in Paradiso:

  1. Navigate to the Paradiso Hotel: Exit the landing bay and follow the path leading to the Paradiso hotel.

  2. Proceed to the Beach Area: Continue past the hotel, descending a flight of stairs to reach the beach area.

  3. Locate the Circular White Hab: On your left, you'll spot a circular white hab with an open door.

  4. Enter the Hab: Step inside the hab, then immediately turn right. Inside, you'll discover two white lockers, with the swimsuit waiting on a shelf within the left one. Be cautious, as obtaining it involves a bit of thievery. Ensure you're crouched, and no one is around to witness your act.

  5. Find Another Swimsuit: You can also explore another hab a bit further from your current location and locate an additional swimsuit in the right locker.

By following these steps, you'll secure two stolen swimsuits in the "Apparel" category of your inventory.

Sarah in a swimsuit

Dressing Your Companion in the Swimsuit:

To outfit your companion in the swimsuit, follow these simple steps:

  1. Initiate Interaction: Interact with your companion and select the "Trade Gear" dialogue option.

  2. Access Your Companion's Inventory: Initially, your companion's inventory will appear. Navigate to your personal inventory within the "Apparel" category.

  3. Transfer the Swimsuit: Click on the swimsuit to move it to your companion's inventory.

  4. Equip the Swimsuit: Return to your companion's inventory, access the "Apparel" category, and press the "Equip" button for the swimsuit. The button prompt for equipping the apparel is typically displayed at the bottom of your screen when hovering over the item.

  5. Exit Inventory: Once you've completed these steps, exit the inventory menu, and your companion will be donning the swimsuit.

Voila! Your companion, whether it's Andreja, Sarah, or Sam Coe, will sport the swimsuit style of your choice. If you ever wish to have them wear something else, simply follow the same process to unequip the swimsuit and outfit them in another apparel item.


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