Diablo 4: How to Get a Pet & All Available Ones

Diablo IV just released a new patch and with it the opportunity to bring a trusty companion on your adventure, especially a free puppy. We'll show you how to get a pet in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: Alll Available Pets & How to Get a Pet?
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Diablo 4 recently released patch 1.4.2. While many fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Vessel of Hatred expansion, there is a significant update in the recent patch – you can now get a pet! In this article, we will show you how to get a furry companion for your adventures in Diablo IV.



What are Pets in Diablo 4?

Pets in Diablo 4 function similarly to pets in Diablo 3. They help by picking up various materials and goodies for you, such as:

  • Gold
  • Herbs
  • Ore
  • Crafting Materials
  • Forgotten Souls
  • Gem Fragments
  • Aberrant Cinders
  • Murmuring Obols



How to Get a Pet in Diablo 4?

Currently, there is a free dog available for Diablo 4 players to claim in the game. Follow these steps to get it:

  • Update the Game: Ensure your Diablo 4 game is updated to patch 1.4.2.
Fiathful Companion
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  • Start the Quest: You will receive the "Faithful Companion" quest, which directs you to go to Kyovashad.
  • Go to Kyovashad: Head to Kyovashad and interact with the well-behaved dog.
Well Behaved Dog
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  • Complete the Interaction: Ask the dog "Who's a good dog?" and just like that, you now have a pet!
Dog Diablo
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  • Equip Your Pet: Open your Wardrobe menu and equip the dog from the "Pets" tab.



More Available Pets in Diablo 4

Pets Diablo
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If you’re not a dog person, or if you want a more exotic pet, don't worry. Pre-purchasing Diablo 4's Vessel of Hatred expansion grants you three additional pets:

  • Alkor the Snow Leopard
  • Hratli the Canine
  • Natalya the Tiger

That's all there is to pets in Diablo 4. Make good use of your new trusted companion. We can’t wait to see the future animals and creatures we’ll be able to keep by our side. Happy adventuring!