CQB-X Location in Starfield

CQB-X is an aid item in Starfield that grants a significant 25% damage boost for all close-quarters combat situations.


Pharmaceutical items in Starfield serve various purposes beyond healing. Among these, CQB-X stands out as a valuable aid item for players who prefer melee-focused builds. However, locating this specific item can be a challenge. While most stores in Starfield offer common medical items like Med Packs or Heal Gel, some specialized merchants stock rarer items like CQB-X. If you're on the hunt for CQB-X in Starfield, here's where to look.

What is CQB-X in Starfield?

CQB-X is an aid item in Starfield that grants a significant 25% damage boost for all close-quarters combat situations. This includes melee weapons like knives and cutlasses, unarmed fist attacks, and melee strikes using ranged weapons. The effect lasts for a total of five minutes, providing ample time to deal increased damage. Even if you typically favor sniper builds in Starfield, having a supply of CQB-X can be beneficial. It proves especially useful when you're running low on ammunition.

CQB-X Locaiton starfield

Where to Find CQB-X in Starfield

CQB-X can most reliably be found at Trade Authority merchants in Starfield. Conventional aid stores, such as those in New Atlantis, are less likely to carry this item. While CQB-X is not considered contraband, it remains somewhat scarce throughout the galaxy.

Two convenient Trade Authority locations I've identified are in Neon on the Volii Alpha planet and in Akila City on the planet Akila. Besides obtaining CQB-X, Trade Authority merchants offer an excellent outlet for selling any contraband items you might possess or laundering stolen items from your inventory.

CQB-X Location Starfield

Due to its rarity, CQB-X tends to come with a substantial price tag. The base price for CQB-X is 498 Credits. While you can accumulate Credits relatively quickly in Starfield, buying in bulk might become costly.

While you may occasionally acquire CQB-X from defeated Spacers or other miscellaneous enemies, the Trade Authority remains the only known and consistent source for this item.


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