Best Mods For Supermarket Simulator: Guide

Here are the best mods that will make your experience in Supermarket Simulator even more enjoyable and easier. 

Best Mods For Supermarket Simulator
Nokta Games

Supermarket Simulator is a very fun and relaxing game that allows players to manage their own store. You take care of all the necessary tasks required for a successful business. However, this can become rather daunting, as most of the time, you are stuck repeating the same process over and over again.

Luckily, you can also add some additional mods to personalize your experience and help you develop your supermarket even more. In this article, we will showcase some of the most popular mods from the Supermarket Simulator community and explain what they do.

We will only include mods from Nexus Mods. You can check out our guide on how to install their mods so you don't miss out on these cool features.

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Ez Delivery

Best Mods For Supermarket Simulator Guide
Nokta Games

This mod immediately places all of your orders into storage as soon as they arrive. Currently, restockers do not replenish the new products, so you have to retrieve the boxes from the streets and restock manually. Instead of wasting time on manual work, this mod automatically racks all new orders as long as you have free storage space.

You can configure the mod to place your new products on labeled shelves or sort them randomly. Additionally, you have two options for this mod: you can either send each box to storage by pressing "L" or have it organize all new orders without you needing to touch the arriving boxes.

Pause Restockers

Best Mods For Supermarket Simulator Guide Pause Restockers
Nokta Games

This mod is very helpful. You may have experienced it before, but restockers tend to lag if you start reorganizing your store while they are working. This happens because they remember the previous arrangement of the shelves, so they get confused and put products in their previous locations.

The mod allows you to pause the restockers so that you can reorganize the store to your liking. You can pause the restockers by pressing the Pause button on your keyboard. Press the button again to resume their tasks.


No Max Order Limit

Supermarket Simulator Shelving Issue Additional Storage How to Restock
Miso Games/Nokta Games/Live Motion Games/MiSou Games

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It removes the limit of 10 item sets per order, enabling you to get as many products as you want at once. With this mod, you can say goodbye to the countless orders per day.

Smart Pocket Boxes

This mod has multiple effective uses. Its main perks include allowing you to carry an empty box (of any size) with you at all times, so you can fit any item of your liking inside and consolidate the boxes on your shelves to as few as possible. Check out all the advantages you can apply in your work:

  • Pull boxes from your pockets; right click (configurable) on any shelf label to spawn a box of the correct size in your hands, no more accidentally throwing away your spare empty boxes!
  • Transfer product between boxes; with a box in your hands, left/right click another box of the same size to transfer product to/from that box.
  • Put boxes back in your pockets; press T to dispose of an empty box in your hands from anywhere
  • Open/close boxes on the floor; Press V while looking at a box not in your hands to open/close it
  • Consolidate storage rack; Press X while looking at a storage rack product label to consolidate it into as few boxes as possible
  • Automatically consolidate racks when placing boxes on rack (disable-able)
  • Consolidated racks will force you to pick up the box with the most product in it before the least product
  • Consolidate a box in your hands to a rack that is full by placing the box on the rack


Portable Scanner

Best Mods For Supermarket Simulator Guide
Nokta Games

Yet another mod that will make your work life easier. This mod allows you to add items to your order list by simply scanning their labels with the middle button on your mouse. Additionally, you can set it up to show you how many boxes you need to fill the storage space.

Here's how to use it:

  • Configurable Scan Button (middle mouse by default) 
  • Scan a product label or rack to add +1 to your cart
  • CTRL + Scan to fill scanned rack (adds enough boxes to cart to fill rack) (disable-able) 
  • ALT + Scan to remove -1 to your cart
  • CTRL + ALT + Scan to remove the amount of boxes missing from the rack

Auto Price Updater

Best Mods For Supermarket Simulator Guide
Nokta Games

One of the most annoying tasks in the game has to be updating the prices of every item manually every day. Once you set the fixed prices you prefer, all of the items you have added will be updated automatically. The mod also offers some recommended pricing options you can choose from, such as rounding the prices, setting profitable rates, or slightly lowering the costs to be below the market price for picky customers.

You can check the installment details for each of the mods to make sure you got everything right. Have fun exploring the new features and allow your supermarket business to reach new heights! 

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