All New Achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.3

Discover how to complete all the new achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.3.

TFT 14.3 Patch Notes: Golden Item Remover QoL & Other Changes

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 is here with a bunch of new achievements for players to unlock. This update brings 44 fresh achievements spread across different categories. Let's dive into what's new and how you can complete them all.

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 Achievements

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There are a total of 44 new achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.3. It's worth noting that some achievements are mutually exclusive. This means getting one might lock you out of another. But don't worry, the Stellar Jade rewards stay the same.

To maximize your achievement hunting, make sure to explore every nook and cranny of Penacony. Interact with NPCs, complete all the new quests, and pay attention to special events like the Origami Bird Clash.



The Rail Unto the Stars: Main Story Achievements

These achievements are tied to the main story. You'll get them as you play through the Trailblaze Missions.

Achievement Name How to Unlock
All the Flowers Are Dying Craft the "Bitter Dreams" drink
It's a Wonderful Life Craft the "Drowning Sweetness" drink
Going my Way As Firefly, run into the Express Crew on Radiant Feldspar
On the Road As Firefly, focus on finding the "Bonajade Exchange"
Ship of Fools Resolve the "bomb" threat and watch the fireworks
Tell Me, O Muse Choose Amphoreus as the next stop at Penacony

Eager for Battle: Combat Achievements

These achievements focus on special team setups and battle situations.

Achievement Name How to Unlock
Planet of Festivities Special Team Win a battle with Topaz & Numby, Dr. Ratio, Aventurine, and Jade
Save the Cat! Win a battle with Silver Wolf, Blade, Kafka, and Firefly
The Contractor Reduce an ally's HP to 1 under Jade's Debt Collector effect
Go Now, A— SAM Use Firefly against boss Kafka and get Dominated
I Will… Set the Seas Ablaze! Use Fyrefly Type-IV: Deathstar Overload 4 times before Complete Combustion ends
Seeing Summer Win a battle with Firefly and Trailblazer



Moment of Joy: Fun Situations

These achievements come from specific in-game situations and interactions.

Achievement Name How to Unlock
Host's Choice Get reprimanded for playing in Radiant Feldspar's pool before owning it
Guest's Choice Play in Radiant Feldspar's pool after owning it

The Memories We Share: General Achievements

This is the largest category covering various activities and interactions.

Achievement Name Description
Stickers, So Many Stickers Achieve 100% page completion progress for Dreamscape Pass
No Business on Continental Grounds Complete the Adventure Mission "Checking Out"
Requiem of the Rose Complete the Adventure Mission "Grim Film of Finality"
My Captain, My Ship Complete the Adventure Mission "Cloud-Bound Hearts"
Unplanned Group Photo Take a group photo during the Origami Bird Clash event
Omega Ruby During the Origami Bird Clash event, place Silbird Wolf, Birefly, and Trailbirder on arcade machines of the same side
Alpha Sapphire During the Origami Bird Clash event, place Trailbirder and March Bird on arcade machines adjacent to each other
Easy As Pie During the Origami Bird Clash event, trigger Origami Bird abilities 30 time(s) in a single match
Angry Origami Birds During the Origami Bird Clash event, manually trigger bomb combos 15 time(s) in a single match
For the Birds During the Origami Bird Clash event, achieve a Combat Power value of 300 in a single match
Origami Zoo Obtain victory in all Open Challenges in the Origami Bird Clash Event
A Star is Born Appoint the appropriate performers on the stage of Radiant Feldspar
Need for Speed Park your car in the exclusive parking space at Radiant Feldspar
Family Cinema Use the projector on Radiant Feldspar and invite the Express Crew to take a look
Eighteen Lordly Trashcans Complete all Trashcan of Trials's challenges on Radiant Feldspar
LuckEx Receive the package delivered by Aventurine on Radiant Feldspar
Astral Express Night Live Purchase Lil' Brother Hanu TV with golden capsule coins and install it in the coach of the Astral Express
The Invisible Guest Transform into Brother Hanu and enter other Crew members' rooms
Self-Funded Merch Obtain Trailblazer's captain merchandise
Shadow Captain Speak with Trailblazer's Captain Billboard
Beneath the Black Mirror Activate surveillance in the control room and observe the hull of Radiant Feldspar
Return to Glory Rename the Radiant Feldspar and change its empennage's paint scheme
Invisible Cities Receive the package delivered by Aventurine on Radiant Feldspar
My Heart Will Go On Look into the distance from the bow of Radiant Feldspar
Utter Horror Story Read all of Bella's Emotions with Clockwork
The Evil Within Read all of Stefano's Happy Emotions with Clockwork
Gold Coins of Starlight Collect all the golden capsule coins on Penacony
O Captain! My Captain! Enter the Captain's quarters on Radiant Feldspar for the first time



Fathom the Unfathomable: Milestone Achievements

These are typically earned through story progression and special events.

Achievement Name How to Unlock
Balloons, Towards Tomorrow~ Break the special Boss Stone balloon at Radiant Feldspar
Alas, Not a Concert Band Rescue the Boss Ticker on Radiant Feldspar


Honkai Star Rail 2.3 achievements offer a fun way to engage with the game's content. They not only provide Stellar Jade rewards but also encourage players to experience all aspects of the update. So jump in and start collecting those achievements!

Whether you're crafting special drinks resolving bomb threats or playing arcade games there's an achievement waiting for you in this latest Honkai Star Rail 2.3 patch. Happy hunting Trailblazers!