25% of Starfield Players Haven't Explored Space Yet

A significant portion of players has yet to venture beyond their starting planet.


Starfield, a game centered around space exploration, spacecraft construction, and interstellar conflicts, presents a unique experience. However, astonishingly, a significant portion of players has yet to venture beyond their starting planet.

Recent Xbox achievement statistics, shared by a Redditor on September 14, reveal that merely 75 percent of players have unlocked the "For All, Into the Starfield" achievement, which requires embarking on a maiden voyage into space.

Starfield xbox achievement

Interestingly, this appears to be another issue plaguing Starfield. One player lamented, "The achievement never popped for me on PC, and I'm on NG+2," signifying that they are embarking on their third playthrough of the game (New Game+ 2).

Several players have attested to not obtaining the achievement, despite thoroughly exploring the cosmos. Due to the absence of achievements in the early access version of the game, players commenced earning them only upon the official release, resulting in the omission of early achievements.

Furthermore, employing commands and mods in Starfield can deactivate achievements. "It doesn't even have to be heavily modded. Just using a console command is enough," noted another player.

Starfield space exploration

For those utilizing mods within the game, one player shared a mod designed to re-enable achievements. However, it is crucial to note that this mod does not retroactively grant achievements for completed tasks. Nonetheless, it serves as a viable solution for a fresh playthrough.

It is essential to bear in mind that Bethesda plans to release regular updates and patches for Starfield in the upcoming months, addressing numerous bugs and issues. Each update carries the potential to disrupt some of the mods currently in use. Therefore, for a smoother gaming experience free of bugs, it is advisable to refrain from using mods temporarily.


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