Wuthering Waves: Does it Have Multiplayer

In this article we’ll go over if Wuthering Waves has co op and all you need to know about it.

Wuthering Waves: Does it Have Multiplayer
Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves is one of the newest gacha games coming out this year, and is eagerly anticipated by a ton of fans.

However, with so many gamers waiting for the game’s release, questions along the lines of whether the game is going to have multiplayer are bound to appear.

In this article we’ll explain whether Wuthering Waves has multiplayer, and everything you need to know.

Does Wuthering Waves Have Multiplayer

Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is one of the games releasing later this year that does have multiplayer. 

However, it is not a full fledged multiplayer system, the likes of which you would see in MMORPGS. 

Rather, the multiplayer system in Wuthering Waves works more like a co-op system, where you invite people, or you go over to theirs in order to explore, fight monsters, or do things together.

If you are familiar with how Genshin Impact’s co-op system works then you will feel right at home with Wuthering Waves.



What to Expect

Wuthering Waves

When it comes to the co-op system in Wuthering Waves, right now it is pretty barebones and does not offer much apart from roaming around with friends and farming for enemies. 

We are eager to see what Kuro Games will do with the system going forward, however, given their track record with Punishing Gray Raven we can expect to see some interesting co-op fights that will require you and your friends to work together to defeat some tough enemies.

It is still early to predict how the co-op system in Wuthering Waves will develop, however, we are nonetheless excited for the games’ release later this year and hope to see you all in-game!