WoW The War Within: New Crafted Profession Bags

World of Warcraft players will be getting new profession bags in TWW. Here's what we know so far.

WoW The War Within: New Crafted Profession Bags

We all know tailors are renowned for creating high-quality bags in each WoW game expansion and the upcoming one won't be an exception. In "The War Within," tailors will introduce even larger bags and new Profession Bags, which will give everyone expanded inventory space. These brand-new bags have 38 slots and offer crafters, and gatherers an extra buff to their primary professions. Here's what we know about the new crafted profession bags in WoW The War Within so far. Special thanks to WoWHead for some of the info in this article:

Please note that the game is still in Beta, and recipe sources, requirements, and costs may change in the future.


New Profession Bags in WoW

New Profession Bags in each expansion is something we've gotten used to already. In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, new specialized bags were introduced to fit the new Reagent Bag slot, such as the Chronocloth Reagent Bag, which allowed players to carry more materials.

The upcoming "The War Within" expands on this concept by adding profession bags that offer specific bonuses or boosts. For example, Jewelcrafters with a Jeweler's Purse can increase their maximum yield of Crushed Gemstones by 1 when using Algari Crushing. This bonus is in addition to any specialization perks, profession tool perks, and profession skill levels they have. As you can see, these boosts are quite valuable so let's take a look at what The War Within has to offer...


List of New Profession Bag Bonuses:

WoW New Crafted Profession Bags
  • Alchemy: Concoctor's Clutch - Increases the chance of discovering a new recipe by 1% during Algari experimentations.
  • Inscription: Darkmoon Duffle - 5% chance to create another Darkmoon Card when transcribing a Khaz Algar.
  • Mining: Excavator's Haversack - Reduces the cooldown of Overload Empowered Deposit by 1% when mining.
  • Blacksmithing: Ignition Satchel - Grants an additional 10 Ingenuity, Resourcefulness, and Multicraft during Everburning Ignition.
  • Jewelcrafting: Jeweler's Purse - Increases the maximum yield of Crushed Gemstones from Algari Crushing by 1.
  • Enchanting: Magically "Infinite" Messenger - Increases Resourcefulness, Ingenuity, and Multicraft provided by Shatter Essence by 1.
  • Engineering: Prodigy's Toolbox - Increases the yield of Algari scrap from most sources by 1.
  • Tailoring: The Severed Satchel - Increases the yield of Khaz Algar Unraveling by 1.
  • Herbalism: Gardener's Seed Satchel - Reduces the cooldown of Overload Empowered Herb by 1% when gathering herbs in Khaz Algar.
  • Skinning: Hideseeker's Tote - Reduces the cooldown of Sharpen Your Knife by 3%.
  • Leatherworking: Hideshaper's Workbag - Increases Multicraft rating by 10 when crafting Thunderous Drums.

As you can see, there's a lot to work with. Keep in mind that all Profession Bags are unique, meaning you can't equip more than one of the same type at once. However, you can equip two different bags simultaneously.


New Bags Crafting Costs

The new bags in The War Within share the same crafting recipe:

  • 20 Exquisite Weavercloth Bolt
  • 30 Weavercloth Bolt
  • 10 Spool of Weaverthread

Quality doesn't affect the outcome since the bags themselves do not have quality levels. Non-tailors can buy these bags from the Auction House as they are BoE.


How to Get Profession Bag Recipes?

Most new Profession Bags can be purchased from profession vendors in the City of Threads, a new Suramar-like zone. Each bag costs 1500 Kej and 150 Artisan's Acuity (Artisan's Mettle in WoW TWW). WoW players should save these currencies to unlock all bag recipes. The Warbands system allows players to transfer Kej across different characters, making it easier to collect recipes.

Kama in the City of Threads sells the Pattern: Hideshaper's Workbag. The Hideseeker's Tote, the skinning bag, is unique as it can be bought from Waxmonger Squick, the Quartermaster of The Assembly of the Deeps, for 150 Artisan's Acuity. However, tailors need to reach Renown 3 with The Assembly of the Deeps to buy it.

Additionally, the Ignition Satchel, the Blacksmithing bag, comes from a new event called Awakening the Machine. The Tailoring bag, The Severed Satchel, is obtained from Tailoring specializations.

There you have it - everything we know about the new crafted profession bags in WoW. As you might be aware, The War Within expansion is still in beta but the release date is August 26, 2024. We'll be here to post lots of related content once it's been launched.