WoW Classic Roadmap for 2024: Cataclysm, SoD & Self-Found HC

World of Warcraft Classic is getting a lot of content in 2024 so we will be taking a look at all of the upcoming patches and changes coming to the game

WoW Classic Roadmap for 2024: Cataclysm, SoD & Self-Found HC
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World of Warcraft Classic will be getting a ton of content in 2024 so the players should prepare to juggle all new ways of re-living the past and experiencing the new secrets spread across Azeroth. 

With the huge success of Season of Discovery, Hardcore, and Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard is looking to further expand upon the beloved franchise by adding new content and ways to enjoy WoW like never before.

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community, HC and SoD have been a great success with many players hurrying to try out these fun and engaging versions of World of Warcraft.

We will be taking a quick look at everything to come in 2024 for WoW so let's jump into the action!

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WoW Classic Winter 2023-2024 Releases

Wrath of the Lich King players will rejoice as the devs will release Ruby Sanctum- the final raid of the expansion so players can gear up and prepare for Cataclysm. 

Season of Discovery will also be going into Phase 2 where the level cap will be increased to level 40 as new runes, a new PvP event in Stranglethorn and the Gnomeragan dungeon will be reimagined as a raid similar to Blackfathom Deeps in Phase 1.

It seems that the Cataclysm will also have a beta release during late winter-early spring so look forward to that as well as Blizzard announced some quality-of-life changes so more players can enjoy defeating Deathwing.

WoW Classic Spring 2024 Releases

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Spring also shows a lot of new and exciting things to look forward to. Hardcore fans will now be able to fully experience playing at the highest difficulty, namely Self-Found Mode which prevents you from being able to form groups, trading with other players, using your mail, and even the Auction House.

Although Blizzard has not confirmed if it will include all of these limitations, we are looking forward to even more exciting moments where players achieve incredible feats.

Season of Discovery will also be moving to its penultimate phase where the level cap will be restricted to 50 and we will get even more runes and a new raid, possibly another iconic dungeon reimagined. 

And come late spring, Blizzard will unveil the Cataclysm by including a pre-patch event, the new Worgen and Gnomes races, polished guild features, account-wide collections, and transmogs.



WoW Classic Summer 2024 Releases

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Come summer, the Cataclysm experience will be fleshed out with the release of the campaign story, 4 raids, 7 dungeons, 2 heroic dungeons, PvP Battleground, and the Darkmoon Island.

Season of Discovery will also go into its final stage with the level cap being raised to the maximum for Vanilla with even more runes and even a variety of end-game activities.

WoW Classic Autumn 2024 Releases

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Autumn will continue Catacysm's story with the addition of the Rise of the Zandalari and Rage of the Firelands content. 

Additionally, it seems that SoD will have even more end-game content updates to keep the mode fresh and fun for everyone working hard towards leveling as many alts as possible.




All in all, very exciting news for Classic players who will be able to get their taste of the old-school WoW, and with some nice reiterations to the gameplay to keep the content as fun and fresh as the first time you booted up the game. 

Not only is this approach by Blizzard welcoming new players to the World of Warcraft universe by allowing players to relive the glory days of questing around Azeroth, but also shows that the new direction by Blizzard is looking towards listening to community feedback to ensure that ultimate product remains a faithful reimagining to this franchise. 

Certainly, we may run into some speedbumps along the Classic journey, but by looking at the excitement players have for WoW, nothing can stop the hype train.