THE FINALS Season 3 Medium Build Weapons Tier List

We will be ranking the best weapons for medium builds in The Finals Season 3 from worst to best so you can win your matches more often.

THE FINALS Season 3 Medium Build Weapons Tier List
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With the new Season 3 for THE FINALS in full motion, many players are exploring the Japan-themed aesthetics, weapons, new map, and more features that were added recently. With all of these changes, the devs also provided some updates to the in-game balance, specifically by introducing new weapons and buffing and nerfing the remaining roster of guns. 

Given the new season, we can see the meta shift drastically not only to account for the new weapons but for the changes to the remaining guns in THE FINALS. Having that in mind, we will take a look at all of the medium build weapons in the game and rank them according to their damage, utility, and overall performance so you can win your matches much more easily. 


Tier List Explanation

This tier list will examine all of the medium build weapons in THE FINALS.

  • B-Tier: The worst weapons currently for medium build. 
  • A-Tier: Good options but lacking just slightly either in terms of damage or utility.
  • S-Tier: The best weapons that are currently imbalanced. 

NOTE: Although this tier list strives to be as objective as possible in terms of viability, you should not limit yourself to strictly adhere to this list, but rather experiment and see which weapon feels fun to play with.

THE FINALS Medium Build Weapons Tier List
Embark Studios



THE FINALS Season 3 B-Tier Medium Weapons

Riot Shield THE FINALS

Riot Shield

The worst weapon in THE FINALS as it did not get any buffs as the new melee weapons are an outright counter.


  • Defensive weapon
  • Worthless in most matches
Dual Blades THE FINALS

Dual Blades

They're fun to play with, but you are an easy target when going up against fully-automatic weapons so you will rarely get a killing blow even if you deflect. 

THE FINALS Season 3 A-Tier Medium Weapons



Given the increased fire rate in Season 3, the CL-40 might be worth picking up as you deal less self-damage. 


  • Needs a direct hit to deal substantial damage to targets


The FAMAS is rather well-rounded, however, it struggles to compare with the weapons in the S-Tier. 


  • Decent performance in long-distance fights


  • Can feel slightly weak in the medium-to-close range


The revolver is rather decent, although lacking any substantial changes in this season, you can still get a lot out of it once you master the recoil and playstyle. 



THE FINALS Season 3 S-Tier Medium Weapons

Model 1887 THE FINALS

Model 1887

With the meta now favoring Medium Build more, this shotty can be quite useful in close quarters, but the high burst damage can be somewhat deceiving if you are unable to close out the range between your enemy. 



One of the best weapons you can use for Medium Builds currently, packed with great damage, fire rate, a scope to help you land headshots, a decent magazine, and overall fun to play with. 


  • Recoil can be slightly annoying to deal with. 


Very similar to the FCAR, the AKM prides itself on its stylish look, however, the lack of scope might be a deal breaker for some players.


  • Large magazine
  • Solid damage and easy-to-control



THE FINALS Season 3 Best Medium Build Guns Ranked

Season 3 of THE FINALS brought a lot of changes to the game as almost every weapon was either buffed or nerfed, and new weapons joined the roster of guns available to players, making the game even more dynamic and exciting.

With that in mind, here is a summary of all of the ranked medium build weapons so you can better navigate the meta and find your weapon of choice to mow down your enemies. 

Tier Medium Build Guns
B-Tier Riot Shield, Dual Blades
A-Tier FAMAS, CL-40, R.357

FCAR, AKM, Model 1887