THE FINALS 3.2.0 Patch Notes: Key Changes and Fixes

Discover the complete THE FINALS 3.2.0 update patch notes here.

THE FINALS 3.2.0 Patch Notes: Key Changes and Fixes
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Embark Studios has released the latest update for THE FINALS, bringing a host of improvements and bug fixes to enhance the gaming experience. This patch addresses various issues across different aspects of the game, from animation glitches to weapon balancing. Here's a breakdown of the key changes in THE FINALS 3.2.0 update.

THE FINALS 3.2.0 Patch Notes

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Embark Studios

From gameplay improvements to various bug fixes, this update aims to ensure players have a great time in Season 3. Let's take a look at the complete patch notes for THE FINALS 3.2.0 update:



Content and Bug Fixes 


  • Tweaked inspect animations for carriables so that you can start a consecutive inspect quicker

  • Fixed an issue where the weapon would be visible while getting revived

  • Fixed an issue where the players would get stuck in the sword lunge animation

  • Fixed a bug where players could die without spawning a statue if a teammate immediately started to revive


Grapple Hook 

  • Can no longer attach to surfaces that are out of bounds

Dome Shield 

  • Fixed an issue where the Dome Shield would skip on or bounce off of water surfaces 

Game Modes

Private Matches

  • Disconnected players can now reconnect

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to lock players in a state of accepting an invite 

  • Solo Bank It temporarily removed due to a bug


  • Fixed an issue where the Cashbox icon would not re-appear after fading away for the first time when in the possession of another team

Terminal Attack

  • Fixed a bug that caused extraction location names to not be visible at the start of a round

  • Fixed motion blur being incorrectly forced during the warm-up phase

  • Fixed an issue where key insertion failed after the hold interaction was complete 

  • Improved the penalty system for delivering sanctions to players who leave the match early

Power Shift 

  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to overtake the platform after the round had ended




  • Added improvements on cosmetics and distance fields to save memory 


Winch Claw 

  • Fixed an issue where players lunging with the Sword could get stuck in a captured state when hit with the Winch Claw 


  • Fixed an issue that caused the spectator camera vignette to play in the drafting screen in Terminal Attack

  • Fixed the Battle Pass background to prevent it from being cleared when entering the Career screen 

  • Changed the controller input for editing the Player Card to avoid canceling matchmaking

  • Fixed an issue that caused player score to be cleared for reconnected players 

  • Disconnected players will be hidden in certain squad intro scenes





  • Fixed an issue where the Dagger’s secondary backstab attack could hit multiple players at once, which was unintended
    Dev note: Melee weapons' ability to hit multiple targets was a new addition with unintended consequences. Now, we've refined it so that heavy-hitting attacks intended for single targets can't be used to hit multiple people.


  • Fixed an issue where the Sledgehammer’s secondary overhead swing attack could hit multiple players at once, which was unintended


  • Fixed an issue where the scope glint effect would not be shown at distances over 150m



  • Tweaked destruction behavior to better support prolonged combat and traversal by making buildings collapse more slowly, break into larger chunks, and debris settle faster
    Dev Note:  We felt that Kyoto buildings were a bit too brittle, so we tweaked their destruction behavior to be more sturdy. We will continue to monitor this and apply further changes where necessary.


  • Changed the collision of the see-through curtains so that all projectiles and thrown objects pass through them


  • Further enhancements to our Aimbot detection system for faster reaction time




That's all you need to know about the complete THE FINALS 3.2.0 patch notes. This update demonstrates Embark Studios' commitment to refining gameplay and addressing community concerns. These changes aim to create a more balanced and enjoyable experience for players across various game modes and maps.

As with any major update, players are encouraged to explore the changes and provide feedback to the developers. Embark Studios will likely continue to monitor the game's performance and make further adjustments based on player experiences and data analysis.