Solo Leveling Episode 7: Release Date, Where to Watch & More

In this article we'll look at Solo Leveling Episode 7, when it airs, where to watch it and a summary of Episode 6.


This week Solo Leveling comes back with Episode 6 - [The Real Hunt Begins]

Episode 6 of Solo Leveling was packed with a lot of action, and is the first episode where we finally see Jinwoo go all out.

However, with that we also learned that the dungeons aren’t the nice places we thought they’d be and we got a foreshadowing to something even bigger about to happen. 

With so much revealed in this episode fans will surely want to know when Episode 7 of Solo Leveling is airing and in this article we’ll go over just that and more!



Solo Leveling Episode 7 Release Date

ep 6 11.png
Solo Leveling Episode 7

EP7 of Solo Leveling will air around the world on February 17, 2024 (Saturday).

As with previous week Episode 7 will first air in Japan with the translations following closely. Here are the release dates and times for different time zones:

JST 6 PM / February 17
EST 12:30 PM / February 17
CST 11:30 AM / February 17

9:30 AM / February 17

So don't forget to mark February 17 on your calendars!



Where to Watch Solo Leveling Episode 7

ep 6 9.png
Solo Leveling EP 7

As with the episodes before this you will be able to watch Solo Leveling EP7 on official streaming medias such as:


Episode 7 will go live on February 17th so don’t miss it!



Solo Leveling Episode 6 Summary

ep 6 1.png
Solo Leveling Episode 7

This episode had a lot of action packed into it. It started with Jinwoo’s fight against the C-Rank spider boss. 

Chairman Go and Woo converse about work-related issues in the meantime.

Yoo questions if Sung is a fake ranker who enjoys the rush of murder as he keeps fighting the spider boss.

Sung's fatigue stat increases, and he attacks the spider boss's weak spot with the abilities of his Kasaka weapon. But after Sung is knocked against a wall by the spider boss, his fatigue level rises sharply.

ep 6 6.png
Solo Leveling Episode 7

Sung defeats the spider boss by repeatedly stabbing it after activating a [Full Recovery] item that is on standby. Yoo's theory that Sung is a false ranker is strengthened.


ep 6 7.png
Solo Leveling Episode 7

Hwang and his allies show up out of the blue and confront Sung and Yoo. There are those who believe Yoo defeated the beast with his sword and armor, while Hwang simply believes that the boss was just weak.

Yoo is questioned by Hwang regarding his family and gear, and Hwang gives Yoo the order to kill Sung.

Then he threatens Yoo, saying he will either have to kill those who wish to kill him or suffer the consequences. Attacked by Kyuhwan, Sung is propelled into a heap of mana crystals.

ep 6 8.png
Solo Leveling Episode 7

Suddenly Jinwoo receives a quest to kill Hwang and his men. After Sung kills every one of Hwang's men, Hwang powers up in an attempt to fight Jinwoo.

Hwang tries to stop Sung from killing him, but Jinwoo succeeds, and Yoo and him escape the dungeon. Yoo thanks Sung for his assistance while he reviews his rewards from the mission to kill humans.

The episode ends with the foreshadowing for a new character.