Riot Statement on Losers Queue in League of Legends

Matt Leung-Harrison claims Losers Queue does not exist in League of Legends. Here's everything you need to know.

Riot Statement on Losers Queue in League of Legends
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Matt Leung-Harrison, lead gameplay designer for League of Legends, took to X to discuss Losers Queue. This sparked a lot of discussion among LoL players, with some claiming there's no way it's not real, and others thinking only 'bad' players believe in it. Here's everything you need to know about the situation:

What is Losers Queue in LoL?

League of Legends calls 'Losers Queue' unfavorable matchmaking that leads to a losing streak. Many LoL players believe the game pairs up the teams by their win rate, setting up players with a high win rate against players with a bad win rate. This urban legend implies that Riot is dividing the players who are climbing from others, basically deciding who's going to lose before the game even starts. The topic sparked a lot of discussions and seems to be a touchy subject in the LoL community.

Riot Statement on Losers Queue

Matt Leung-Harrison, lead gameplay designer for League of Legends, shared a tweet in which he claims Losers Queue does not exist. This means Riot is not intentionally putting bad players in a team against good players. Matt states that LoL pairs up players only based on their rating and not their win rate.

For 99.9% of people reading this, even if you think you're 'playing perfectly' and post a good KDA screenshot with the rest of your team 'inting', I promise you that if a good player reviews your games, there are 100s of things that you could have done differently that could've changed the trajectory of the game.

According to him, losing streaks can be explained by being placed too high in Ranked and having to face off against players who are way better than you. No game is 'unwinnable' for good players, he also states as the lead LoL gameplay designer.



Community Reaction

The reply section under Matt Leung-Harrison's tweet was filled with heated conversations. To many players, OG statistics, and the possibility to guess who's going to win the match through them before it even starts, are enough proof that Losers Queue exists. Also, comparisons with Challenger players just aren't relevant to casual LoL players. Some even point out that the chances of losing more than 10 games in a row are close to impossible if you aren't actively sabotaging the team, and all of this feeds into the addiction to playing League of Legends. In the replies, you can also find Diamond players claiming they're on a losing streak in Emerald and Plat, despite being experienced in the game.

Losers Queue

Others point out that Riot simply doesn't do enough against players who int, troll, afk, and bully their team, taking away as much LP as they would from the rest of the teammates.

Losers Queue

Check out the thread itself - it's filled with lots of arguments, contra-arguments, proof, and debunking on the topic of Losers Queue in LoL.

It is important to note that, despite the emotions of fans, Matt Leung-Harrison could be right. There is such a thing as bad luck and bad play, and LoL players need to start learning from their mistakes. Being able to carry the game by yourself proves that you belong in a higher rank, instead of sitting back and waiting for your team to do all the work. The lead designer advises players to seek coaching and re-watch their deaths, to see where they went wrong. We hope our LoL content helps you climb in ranked as well.