Riot's Designer Revealed 5 New Items & 20 New Artifacts That Will Be Introduced in the Next Patch

The TFT Designer Wittrock posted a lot of new items and artifacts that are yet to be added to the game. Check out the leaked additions for patch 14.9 in advance!

Riot's Designer Revealed 5 New Items & 20 New Artifacts That Will Be Introduced in the Next Patch
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TFT's Patch 14.8 brought significant changes to the gameplay in Inkborn Fables. From new chibi units to substantial unit changes, trait adjustments, and augment tweaks, it's arguably the biggest patch in Set 11 so far.

However, just a few days after the release of Patch 14.8, Riot's TFT Designer, Wittrock, posted on his X account some of the upcoming items and artifacts that will be introduced in Patch 14.9. Check out our thoughts on how both the items and the artifacts could be applied in-game as we go over each of them!

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New Artifacts Revealed For TFT Patch 14.9

Riot's Designer Revealed 5 New Items & 20 New Artifacts That Will Be Introduced in the Next Patch
Wittrock X Post

Suspicious Trench Coat 

 We've seen items that create copies of the wielder before, but nothing quite like what the Suspicious Trench Coat provides! This item will be a great addition to any frontline or diver unit. For tanks with their already large health pools and resistances, two more copies with 25% max HP will offer a formidable frontline to break through. For diver units and frontline carries in general, this item might prove to be incredibly oppressive for the enemy. Even if the carry gets focused down, their copies might actually be scarier than the original, as their damage effectively triples!

Talisman of Ascension

This is a very interesting item with unique use cases. We've seen many items that provide a huge power boost after a set number of times, like the Needlessly Big Gem. The difference here is that this time, the bonus is applied only to the wielder. While the item's effect is best used on backline carries that can survive for 20 seconds, the stat line is awkward for them. We'll have to wait and see what uses players might find for this item!

Unending Despair

A new armor-based tank item with a unique effect. While the stat lines are nothing to brag about, the effect of essentially exploding your shield for 50% of its starting value might prove effective when dealing with a melee-heavy opponent. This item will probably be best used by specific champions, traits, and item combinations that can gain large shields.

Lightshield Crest

This is an interesting new utility-based tank item. This new item, combined with Gargoyle Stoneplate, sounds like it will provide a lot of value for melee compositions, as that's where the ally shields will be most effective. Even in frontline/backline compositions, it might be useful against divers and assassins, but probably to a lesser extent, because of the randomness of the targeting.


Innervating Locket

This item has an extremely powerful effect for tanks with a large mana pool, but behind a very questionable stat line. While the effect alone can turn frontliners with large mana pools into undying monsters, they will need a lot of resistances and health from other items to make use of it. The lackluster 150 HP and 0 resistances mean that the wielder will get melted through in the mid and late game before they can use the effect.

Horizon Focus

This item has a powerful effect but cannot be used by most units. The optimal users will be backliners that have a stun in their kit and can spam it quickly or units with large AoE stuns, which combined with this item can turn fights around.

Forbidden Idol

A solid tank item for any units that can gain shields through their own or allies' abilities. The power of this effect comes into play if you have healing available for your team, as this means that the wielder can get healed past their maximum health. Provides HP, resistances, and survivability for the wielder.

Prowler's Claw

This is a potentially powerful assassin and melee AD carry item. The effect of dashing onto the backline has been problematic for the developers, which led to the removal of the Assassin trait a while back. This is essentially a more powerful version of this, but locked behind the requirement to score a kill to start the snowball. In a meta like today's, where frontline/backline comps are dominant, an item like this might bring less favored comps into the spotlight.



This fun item has a lot of potential. While shrinking doesn't do much in TFT, as hitboxes are based on the hex that the unit stands on, the other effects are quite powerful. The 80% bonus attack speed right off the bat is nothing short of amazing for any AD or AS carry. While this item can be great on backliners, the second part of its effect is made for AS-heavy frontliners - 20% damage reduction for survivability and increased movement speed means more consistent DPS.

Rapid fire cannon

The return of the ever-problematic RFC to TFT, now with an even more powerful and scaling effect. This new iteration can bring back the backline melee champions and, to some extent, be a nice AS boost for AD carries. 

Corrupt Vampiric Scepter 

It is a unique item with a huge drawback. This item will be good on units that only have a passive ability or have an on-hit damage in their kit. Another use might be for units where the ability just slows down the DPS, but we will see if the bonus is enough.

Spectral Cutlass

We have had an effect that affects a mirrored hex before with Zephyr's. This time, instead of suppressing the enemy, you have the chance to kill them and pop back to safety. Spectral Cutlass provides some great stats for Assassins and can prove to be useful against frontline-heavy comps.


This item has a wild effect that will surely make for some fun games. While you can essentially bypass the frontline if you slot this item on a ranged carry, the drawback is that you cannot focus down any enemy unit. If the opponent has healing or shielding available, this item becomes a drawback to the wielder instead of a bonus.


Cursed blade

This item is an amazing tool for any AD-based carry. The effect shines especially on backline carries that need to deal with a large enemy tank unit. The effect it provides means that no matter the HP pool and resistances the target has, it will be killed in more or less the same amount of time.

Silvermere Dawn

This item is catered towards melee AD carries. The fantasy it tries to convey is a slow heavy hitter. In TFT, since the beginning, attack speed has been king because of the way the mana system works. Only time will tell if this item's insane stats and effect can compensate for the drawback of losing AS.

Seeker's Armguard

This item is amazing for any AP assassins and divers. The effect means the wielder can benefit from scaling damage and survivability, leading to more DPS and consistency.

Blighting Jewel

This item provides a great flat shred to magic resist. The units that can benefit from it the best are AP champions that like to build attack speed. While this item will be useful mostly in niche settings, it has the potential to be quite powerful.


Lich Bane

This item is catered towards units that can spam their abilities. The power of this item is tied to how much the numbers will scale with the stage. If the scaling is good, combined with the favorable stats, this item has great potential for AP casters.

Luden's Tempest

This item has a great effect on units with abilities that hit hard. The developers tried to make it so it's good on AP and AD champions alike, but it's doubtful how this awkward statline will play out. If any hybrid scaling champions can synthesize well with the effect, Luden's Tempest has great potential for them.

Wit's End

This is a simple item with a great effect. It's best used on melee attack speed-based carries, but the bonus damage can be welcome on ranged carries too.


New Support Items Revealed For TFT Patch 14.9

Riot's Designer Revealed 5 New Items & 20 New Artifacts That Will Be Introduced in the Next Patch
Wittrock X Post

The Eternal Flame

This item is very similar to Sunfire Cape in effect. The difference is that instead of applying damage every second, it pulsates once every 5 seconds and affects all enemies. Additionally, this item boosts the team's damage by 7% instead of dealing damage itself.

Knight's Vow

A beneficial aura item, perfect for frontline champions. While its stats may not be optimal for tanks, it can be quite useful for damage-dealing melee units.

Moonstone Renewer

This item offers a valuable utility bonus in the form of semi-targeted shields. When paired with some of the new artifacts, it will create interesting synergies.


This item will be greatly beneficial for frontliners primarily serving as trait fillers or those who haven't received any items. Sacrificing them will significantly debuff the enemy team and bolster your other frontliners when positioned correctly.

Unstable Treasure Chest

This item's effect closely resembles Spite's, but it grants a power-up upon sacrifice with complete items. Consequently, its strength may vary compared to Spite, depending on the items you obtain.

Which items do you anticipate will be the most powerful, and which ones do you plan to incorporate into your composition? For further intriguing and practical TFT information, be sure to visit our website.