Overwatch 2 Season 10 Mirrorwatch Event: All Reworked Hero Abilities So Far

The new Mirrorwatch Event in Overwatch is changing not only the appearance of the heroes but also their abilities. Check out the limited-time abilities for each hero.

Overwatch 2 Season 10 Mirrorwatch Event: All Reworked Hero Abilities
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The new Mirrorwatch Event represents the Overwatch multiverse, where heroes turn bad and villains turn good. During this event, our well-known characters will receive a new set of abilities that match their altered aesthetic and persona, adding up to a very fun gameplay experience. As of April 23, we will get the chance to see the heroes fight with entirely different power kits. Find out which characters are getting their abilities reworked for the event and how.


Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch Event: All Reworked Abilities


Strike Commander Doomfist

  • Reworked Ability: Power Block Barrier Block
  • Power Block: Protect yourself from frontal attacks. Blocking heavy damage empowers Rocket Punch. 
  • Barrier Block: Using Power Block Making A Shield Barrier

Rather than boosting his own attack power through shielding, Doomfist will now have the ability to protect his teammates like never before! 


Vengeance Mercy

  • Reworked Ability: Caduceus Staff Damage Boost Orb 
  • Original Power: Mercy engages one of two beams that connect to an ally. By maintaining the beams, she can either restore that ally’s health or increase the amount of damage they deal. 
  • Reworked Power: Shoot A Powerful Boosted Orb 

Our favorite protector is taking a darker turn with an ability that grants her more power to harm her adversaries. 


Fallen Knight Reinhardt

  • Reworked Ability: Barrier Shield Matrix Shield 
  • Original Power: Reinhardt projects a broad, forward-facing energy shield, which can absorb substantial damage before it is destroyed. Though Reinhardt can protect himself and his companions behind the shield, he cannot attack while sustaining it. 
  • Reworked Power: Use your shield more often to boost your team and defending them against the enemies. (Baptiste's Ultimate)

Reinhardt is no longer just a shield for his team. Instead of solely defending his teammates, Reinhardt now empowers them, enabling them to deal more damage to the enemies.



Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch Event: New Hero Abilities

Overwatch 2 Season 10 Mirrorwatch Event: All Reworked Hero Abilities

As you saw, the Mirrorwatch event will change some hero abilities that we have known for years. However, the readjustments of the hero kits don't stop there, as some of them will be getting completely new temporary powers. Although not much information is available about them for now, we have received slight spoilers for the following upcoming abilities:

  • Mercy's New Ability: Soul Burn
  • Sombra's New Ability: Anti-Virus Ultimate

Once the Mirrorwatch event drops, we will discover all hero changes that will make the game unique. Stay tuned for further updates to find out all reworked hero powers.Check our website for more useful and up-to-date Overwatch 2 content: