Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked!

Blizzard's latest survey images just got leaked and revealed a lot of unseen skins that are planned for future release. Check them out!

Overwatch 2 Upcoming Skins Leaked!
Blizzard Entertainment

Yet another set of Overwatch 2 survey images just got leaked! For those unfamiliar, Blizzard periodically conducts surveys where they email random players with various questions and images, seeking feedback. When it comes to skin surveys, Blizzard presents different skin concepts to fans and asks for opinions on themes and overall appeal. It's a direct way for Blizzard to gauge community preferences and ensure player satisfaction with upcoming content. 

Just recently, Blizzard conducted a new survey with what seems to be a bunch of different skin concepts. Check out some of the possible upcoming skins on Overwatch 2!

All Possible Concepts for Future Overwatch 2 Skins: 



Raincoats-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Raincoats Themed Skins Mei Kiriko
Realizeren (X)

The Raincoats concept showcases Mei and Kiriko, who look absolutely adorable in their colorful rainy-day attire. Mei's skin adopts a frog aesthetic, complemented by a cute hairstyle that suits her perfectly. Kiriko's skin features charming pink fox details, and the umbrellas she wields in place of her kunai add to her delightful appearance.

Racer-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Racer-Themed Skins Ashe Sigma
Realizeren (X)

The racing concept includes skins for Illari, Sigma, and Ashe. Overall, the appearances are very colorful, with each hero having their own theme color: red for Illari, blue for Sigma, and orange for Ashe. One standout feature of these skins is Bob's portrayal as a Pit Crew member.

Halloween-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Halloween-Themed Skins Demons D.Va Ashe CassidyOverwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Halloween-Themed Skins Demons D.Va Ashe Cassidy
Realizeren (X)

This can either be a Halloween or demon theme and includes Ashe, Cassidy, and D.Va. Cassidy and D.Va's skins feature some very cool blue-green fire details that would look amazing with dynamic movement animations. The same applies to Cassidy's coat, which looks almost ghostly.


Fairies-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Fairies-Themed Skins BrigitteOverwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Fairies-Themed Skins Brigitte Lifeweaver Echo Sigma Illari
Realizeren (X)

We should all hope that this concept gets released. From the colors to the floral elements, each hero looks amazing in their fairy appearance. Even though Lifeweaver is fitting for the floral/fairy concept by default, this shiny yellow version of him is just great. Probably the best ones of this bunch are Sigma's and Brigitte's. Sigma stands out from the rest of the characters because of his darker palette and more villainous vibe. Brigitte, on the other hand, looks absolutely stunning. From her hairstyle to her armor details, that skin is a must-have!

Pajamas-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Pajamas-Themed Skins Hanzo D.Va Widowmaker Kiriko
Realizeren (X)

This is a very cute concept that shows us what sleepwear some of our favorite heroes would choose. Kiriko's pajamas are, of course, fox-themed, while D.Va's are of a pink rabbit. D.Va's Mech looks like a rainbow unicorn with galactic purplish-blue details. Hanzo's pajama look is amusing, considering he is the mighty bowman assassin some of us fear in-game. He wears colorful slippers, a dreamcatcher, and cucumber slice eyepatches to help him relax.

Chefs-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Chefs-Themed Skins Sigma Reinheardt
Realizeren (X)

This concept showcases our favorite tanks as chefs or bakers, each specializing in different foods. Sigma has many pizza details, including a pizza cutter on his belt, while Reinhardt is more of a cake baker, focusing mostly on Strawberry Shortcakes.


Formal Wear-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Formal Wear-Themed Skins Lifeweaver
Realizeren (X)

The only hero with a Formal Wear Skin is Lifeweaver. In this appearance, Lifeweaver looks more like a waiter who might be working in a fancy pastry shop, judging by the macaroon details on his wings. This skin might be part of future cooking or pastry sets.

Art Deco-Themed Skins 

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Art Deco-Themed Skins Widowmaker Kiriko Mercy Lifeweaver
Realizeren (X)

Fans seem to really enjoy this theme with French details. All the skins look very good and have some very unique patterns. Lifeweaver definitely looks good in formal clothes, and his short hairstyle, although short, suits him very well. Kiriko, Mercy, and Widowmaker's outfits represent some very iconic women's Art Deco designs that were seen in the 1920s and 1930s.

Zombie-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Zombie-Themed SkinsOverwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Zombie-Themed Skins Brigitte Reaper Ashe Cassidy
Realizeren (X)

This post-apocalyptic concept features skins for Brigitte, Reaper, Ashe, Reinhardt, and Cassidy. Combining zombies and street-style outfits with graffiti details, this concept has sparked various opinions, but it's certainly unique.


Neon-Noir-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Neon-Noir-Themed Skins  Ana Reaper Sojourn Soldier 76
Realizeren (X)

The dark noir concept is unique and definitely makes Soldier, Reaper, Ana, and Sojourn very cool. It would be interesting to see how this concept would look in-game with its monochrome palette. The appearances of the heroes themselves are very interesting. Soldier: 76 and Reaper almost give off the vibe of a detective and villain in an old detective movie. Sojourn's skin also seems to be liked by a lot of fans.

Victorian-Themed Skins

Overwatch 2 New Upcoming Skins Leaked! Victorian-Themed Skins Widowmaker Sombra Genji Hanzo Lifeweaver
Realizeren (X)

There is not a specific name for this concept (same as the rest of them), but the outfits have a French Victorian aesthetic. All of them look honestly amazing. Both Sombra and Illari are very beautiful. Their hairstyles, dresses, and overall details are great and would definitely become fan favorites. Genji, Hanzo, and Lifeweaver's skins are also very good and are very popular among the Overwatch community right now. The details on their attire are very good.

What do you think? Which concept was your favorite, and which skins would you like to see in Overwatch 2?

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