Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins Temporarily Disabled: How to Fix

Blizzard Entertainment makes sure that the disappearance of the Mythic skins in Overwatch 2 is only temporary.

Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins Temporarily Disabled: How to Fix
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players were shocked to discover their Mythic skins had disappeared following the recent Season 10 midseason update. The disappearance of these premium cosmetics left many fans wondering if their investments were lost forever. However, Blizzard has assured players that the issue is only temporary.



Blizzard Entertainment Addresses the Mythic Skin Bug

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In a developer post on the Overwatch 2 forums, Blizzard acknowledged an issue related to the latest patch that causes crashes and disconnections when Mythic skins are used in online matches. 

This is what the statement said:

"We are temporarily disabling all Mythic Skins as we investigate an issue discovered in today’s patch that is leading to crashes or disconnections from various matches when those skins are equipped.

If you currently have any Mythic Skins equipped, you may find your heroes reverted to the default Overwatch 2 skin in your next game. You can still equip any Rare, Epic, or Legendary skin.

We have also disabled the Mythic Shop until we can resolve this issue. You can still continue to collect Mythic Prisms in the Premium Battle Pass.

We will update this post when we know more. Leaver Penalties have been waived from any previous match instance since this issue began. Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience."

As a precautionary measure, the company has temporarily disabled the ability to equip Mythic skins or purchase new ones from the Mythic Shop.



Mythic Prisms Still Obtainable in Overwatch 2

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Blizzard Entertainment

Despite the temporary unavailability of Mythic skins, players still can continue to collect Mythic Prisms through the Premium Battle Pass. This way, players can still progress towards unlocking more Mythic skins once the issue is fixed.

Additionally, Leaver Penalties will not be imposed on players affected by the bug, as their disconnection or crash is due to factors beyond their control.



How to Fix the Bug Mythic Skins Temporarily Disabled Error in Overwatch 2?

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Blizzard Entertainment

Unfortunately for now, Blizzard has not given players a way to fix this issue. So, while Blizzard Entertainment resolves this bug, the exact time for the return of Mythic skins to Overwatch 2 remains uncertain. However, hotfixes for critical bugs like this will arrive quickly, so don't worry.

If you want to stay updated on the status of the Mythic Skins issue, Blizzard's Customer Service account on X (formerly Twitter) and the pinned threads section on the Overwatch 2 forums are excellent resources. These platforms will give you the latest information and announcements regarding the bug and its resolution.

Although the temporary loss of Mythic Skins may be frustrating, you can now feel a bit less stressed, knowing that your investments are safe and this bug is all temporary. We are sure that Blizzard will work hard and fix this issue as soon as possible so you can get back to the game donning your awesome Mythic Skins again.

In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy the game with your Rare, Epic, and Legendary skins!