MultiVersus: 2024 Release Date, All New Characters, and More

Here's all you need to know about the new re-release of MultiVersus and its newest fighters joining the roster!

MultiVersus: 2024 Release Date, All New Characters, and More
Player First Games

Player First Games' free-to-play fighting game, MultiVersus, is a game many gamers may already recognize. The ambitious competitor to Super Smash Bros released initially in July 2022, but developers were not happy with its reception. Many improvements were needed, leading to MultiVersus being pulled from online stores and taken offline temporarily. For how long? No one knew!

MultiVersus New Release Date

Fast forward to May 2024 and a revival release date is just on the horizon. May 28 2024 is the scheduled release date for the reinvigorated MultiVersus! The re-release comes with lots of improvements including a complete tech upgrade with brand-new visuals, a new PvE mode, and, of course, new fighters. But how are early reviews stacking up and was the effort all worth it?

MultiVersus Early Reviews

MultiVersus Re-release Trailer
Player First Games

Early testers have MultiVerses at solid reviews so far with PC Gamer saying 'After a few hours tinkering around in MultiVersus, I came away surprisingly excited for its re-release.' They went on to comment: 'I think Player First Games is deadly serious about giving this game a second chance.'

MultiVersus currently sits at a Metascore of 80 on Metacritic.



New Game Modes in MultiVersus

Along with its new revival, MultiVersus comes with a new PvE mode for the less competitive players out there. Titled 'Rifts,' the new mode allows you to complete challenges with different themes. Themes will depend on specific fighters, as described by MultiVersus developer, Player First.

'The Joker infiltrating the Batcave or Batman and Velma teaming up to decide who’s the best detective.'

-Player First 

The new mode will come with a collection of built-in cinematics and mini-games also!

MultiVersus: New Fighters (2024)

Now of course, with a new release of MultiVersus, new fighters are to be expected! With the release, you'll find a total of 4 brand new fighters. They are:

  • Joker (DC)
  • Banana Guard (Adventure Time)
  • Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
  • Agent Smith (The Matrix)
MultiVersus Agent Smith Reveal
Player First Games

Banana Guard is said to be free at launch for all players who complete MultiVersus’ new tutorial. With such a diverse cast of familiar faces and dozens of play styles to dive into, will this new release promise to be the launch MultiVersus always deserved? Time will tell!