MultiVersus 1.01 Patch Notes - Character Buffs & Nerfs

MultiVersus Patch 1.01 is finally here and there are some amazing buffs and nerfs for the MultiVersus characters! Let's take a look at all the changes for the new update.

MultiVersus 1.01 Patch Notes - Character Buffs & Nerfs
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MultiVersus 1.01 is finally live, and it has brought some much-needed changes to the game. A lot of characters got hit with the nerf hammer, while others came out on top thanks to their various buffs.

We’ll go over everything that has changed with the new update, so strap on tight and start scrolling.



MultiVersus Patch 1.01 General Updates & Bug Fixes

MultiVersus 1.01 Patch Notes - Character Buffs & Nerfs
Player First Games

We'll start by going over some of the general changes and bug fixes that are new in this patch, which the community will undoubtedly warmly embrace. You can see all of them in the table below:

General Changes
  • Lowered Hit Pause on all Hits by 10% in 1v1 modes
  • Players can now try all Fighters in Training Mode, including Fighters they do not own
  • Battlepass XP will now be granted after each PvP Match in addition to Events and Missions.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where players could not complete daily rewards in Rifts Mode
  • Fixed an issue that was impacting performance on Xbox Series X|S 
  • Fixed an issue where beam visual effects were occasionally invisible on PlayStation consoles 
  • Fixed an issue where certain keyboard configurations would cause phantom inputs in matches 
  • Fixed an issue with pause input conflicts in Training

The general changes this time around are a great addition to the game, and new players, as well as those who still haven’t unlocked all characters, will be quite happy about them.

With that out of the way, let’s look at all of the character changes that this patch has to offer.



MultiVersus Patch 1.01 Character Updates

MultiVersus 1.01 Patch Notes - Character Buffs & Nerfs
Player First Games

The character changes for this patch are divided into three parts: the buffs, the nerfs, and the reworks.

The characters that received a buff in this patch are:

The nerfed characters are:

Lastly, we have the characters that only received reworks which are:

NOTE: You can click on each character’s name to instantly receive more information about their changes.



All MultiVersus Patch 1.01 Character Updates


Player First Games

Reindog can provide support and protection. Moreover, this character has some great moves that can disrupt enemy attacks trying to interfere with his teammate's combos. However, to achieve more balanced gameplay, the developers needed to add some nerfs to the character.

Aerial Side/Up Attack

  • Knockback Anglemore horizontal


Stripe .png
Player First Games

Stripe is an Assassin in MultiVersus with great abilities. Even though he lacks options for recovery, he excels in unleashing fast combos that can deal massive damage. The character needed some buffs to his Aerial Down Attack and the developers delivered accordingly!

Aerial Down Attack

  • Downward momentum on attack start-up  increased


Player First Games

Taz is a Bruiser who prides himself on being one of the easier characters to pick up in MultiVersus. Although most of his kit is fairly balanced, the developers saw that Taz was just slightly lacking when it came to his Aerial/Ground Side special, which is why they have decided to slightly buff it in this patch.

Aerial/Ground Side Special

  • Damage: 7 8



Iron Giant

Iron Giant.png
Player First Games

Although Iron Giant is not the fastest character, he is extremely powerful and has a lot of potential in the right hands. He was recently pulled back into maintenance by the developers, but he will be back stronger than ever!

Ground Down Attack

Knockback angle ⇒ more horizontal

Aerial Neutral Attack 

Final hit ⇒ always knocks away regardless of charge 

Ground Side Attack 

Jab hitbox ⇒ slightly smaller 

Rage Mode Pilot Special 

Reduced strobing visual effects

Rage Mode Up Special 

Final hit damage 6 ⇒ 5

Banana Guard

Banana Guard .png
Player First Games

Banana Guard is a Bruiser who focuses on utilizing his simple moveset to buff himself and score knockouts. The aim of the changes that he received in MultiVersus Patch 1.01 is to reduce the extreme kill power on his specials, so the character can be equal to the rest.

Aerial Side Special

  • Damage: 12 10

Ground Side Special

  • Damage: 14 12


Gizmo Cover.png
Player First Games

Gizmo is a great character for support. He specializes in area denial and he can create large popcorn clouds. However, his Down Special was a little bit too powerful and it needed a little change.

Up Special

  • Ally attach cooldown ⇒ begins when Gizmo detaches from his ally


LeBron James

LeBron James.png
Player First Games

LeBron James is a decent MultiVersus character with good damage and combos. His basketball used to be able to hit multiple times per target. However, the developers lowered the amount to only a single hit per target.


  • Hits per target 1

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 200.png
Player First Games

Wonder Woman is an extremely balanced character with amazing long-range abilities and good close-range sword combo setups. Her whip is as good as it is in the movie! It can travel almost half the arena, and it can pull in opponents to increase the damage of the combos. However, her lasso was a little bit too powerful, so a short cooldown was added to the ability.

Aerial/Ground Neutral Special

  • Lasso Cooldown Time 8 seconds added

Arya Stark

Player First Games

Arya Stark is an Assassin in MultiVersus and she's always a great choice. However, you have to be careful because even though Assassins deal a lot of damage, they are very fragile. Arya's follow-up attacks were a little bit too quick and powerful, but thankfully, they are now more balanced.

Dash Attack

  • Input Buffer Window for Follow-Up Attacks ⇒ reduced


Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny.png
Player First Games

In MultiVersus, Bugs Bunny relies heavily on his famous traps, and the result is often a hilarious knockdown! You can dig a hole and quickly teleport behind your enemy, or you can launch a rocket projectile to push them off the stage. However, Bugs Bunny had a serious bug that was causing the Safe to hit repeatedly.

Neutral Special

  • Safe Bug ⇒ fixed


Player First Games

Garnet is not the easiest character to master but she's definitely a great choice. In theory, she's a Bruiser who excels in horizontal damage but she is actually much more of a Tank-type character. She has an issue where she and an enemy could be frozen at the end of her Star Grab and it's now fixed.

Down Special

  • Star Grab Bug ⇒ fixed

Jake the Dog

Jake the Dog
Player First Games

Jake the Dog is a strong character who only becomes more and more powerful as you learn how to control him. His combos are very straightforward, and he can deal a significant amount of damage. He only had a small bug fixed in the new Patch 1.01 that makes his Aerial and Ground Up Specials smoother.

Aerial/Ground Up Special 

  • Game Performance Bug ⇒ fixed


Jason Voorhees

Jason Cover 1.png
Player First Games

Jason's biggest advantage is his ability to deal and absorb an insane amount of damage. He might be one of the slowest characters in the game but he's definitely one of the best fighters. He had a small issue with his Ground Down Special that needed to be fixed - one player would disappear when Jason grabbed two players with the sleeping bag.

Ground Down Special

  • Bug fixed

Marvin the Martian

Player First Games

Marvin is amazing when it comes to warding off airborne enemies and his projectile is enough to send a damaged opponent out of the arena. However, there was a problem where Marvin could ring-out opponents instantly due to a Side Special projectile interaction with Neutral Attack.

Aerial/Ground Neutral Attack

  • Bug fixed

Steven Universe

Player First Games

Although Steven Universe has great combos and a decent shield, he lacks a lot when he is not part of a team. He performs well in a duo but his 1v1 is weak. He received some changes in the new Patch but not necessarily the biggest improvements.

Aerial Up Attack

  • Sweer spot hitbox ⇒ delayed by 1 frame

Aerial Down Attack

  • On-Hit Cancel Window ⇒ delayed by 3 frames


Player First Games

Shaggy is great when it comes to getting close and personal with opponents. However, most of his attacks are basic melee strikes. Fortunately, he is getting awesome buffs and a few nerfs in the new MultiVersus Patch 1.01.

Aerial Neutral Air

  • Base Knockback: 1300 ⇒ 1700
  • Knockback Scaling: 13 ⇒ 14
  • Knockback Anglemore horizontal 
  •  On-Hit Cancel Windowdelayed by 10 frames




All in all, patch 1.01 is without a doubt taking MultiVersus in a good direction. The more casual players will undoubtedly appreciate the overall adjustments, and we're excited to see how the improvements to champion balance will affect the current meta and whether the tier lists are going to see any major changes.

If you'd like to go back you can use the summary table below to easily navigate to your desire characters:

Character Changes



Iron GiantBanana GuardGizmoLeBron JamesWonder Woman


Arya StarkBugs BunnyGarnet, Jake the DogJasonMarvin the MartianSteven UniverseShaggy

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