Monopoly GO Airplane Mode Glitch for Free Dice Rolls: Step-by-step Guide

Get free Monopoly GO dice rolls with Monopoly GO Airplane Mode Glitch explained in this step-by-step guide.

Monopoly GO Airplane Mode Glitch for Free Rolls: Step-by-step Guide
Monopoly GO Airplane Mode Glitch

In the board game-inspired mobile hit Monopoly GO, random dice rolls dictate moves and heavily influence gameplay strategy and progression. Yet fickle fate doesn't always cooperate, resulting in frustratingly slow progress or missed property purchases. Try the Monopoly GO Airplane Mode exploit which lets players retry failed rolls for better luck and outcomes. In this article, you will find all the information you need to know about the Monopoly GO Airplane Mode glitch.



How the Monopoly Go Airplane Mode Glitch Works

Monopoly GO Airplane Mode Glitch
Monopoly GO Airplane Mode Glitch

The Monopoly GO Airplane Mode glitch utilizes a clever application close and reopens sequence while a device Airplane Mode is toggled on and off. Executed properly, this hack essentially tricks the game into resetting used dice back to unused.

Players can roll normally with Airplane Mode enabled, not happy with the results? Simply close the app, toggle Airplane Mode off when partially through reloading, then reopen to find dice rolled previously available again. Rinse and repeat until landing on the desired board spaces.



Step By Step Guide for Monopoly GO Airplane Mode Glitch:

Follow these steps to take advantage of the Airplane Mode glitch in Monopoly GO:

  • Enable Airplane Mode on your device
  • Open Monopoly GO and complete dice rolls as normal
  • Close the app fully once finished with the rolls
  • Reopen Monopoly GO and when the load screen reaches about 20%, toggle Airplane Mode off
  • Allow the game to finish loading fully with Airplane Mode now disabled
  • Upon resuming your game session, all dice used previously will appear unused again! Reroll to your heart's content



The reload may run slow when disabling Airplane Mode, this indicates the glitch is activating correctly. Take your time and don't force close apps to avoid disruption.

In a game so dependent on luck, utilizing the Monopoly GO Airplane Mode glitch lets you manipulate fate and diminish bad rolls' influence. Control the board and build your Monopoly GO empire faster with refreshable dice.