LoL MSI 2024 Semifinal: GEN vs BLG Results and Games

We will take a look at the first Semifinal of the League of Legends 2024 MSI between the LCK and LPL.

LoL MSI 2024 Semifinal: GEN vs BLG Results and Games
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The League of Legends 2024 Mid-Season Invitational Bracket Stage has begun with everything on the line for the remaining 4 teams. This stage will include a single Bo5 double-elimination format so we can expect a banger series from the get-go. 

With that being said, we will be taking a look at the second Bo5 series between the LCK first seed- Gen.Gas they will face the LPL first seed- Bilibili Gaming.

Although most fans and analysts predict the LPL and LCK to dominate the tournament, a recent interview with the top laner for TES, 369, stated how much the Western players have improved in comparison to their last year's performance.

lol msi 2024 upper bracket stage game
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MSI 2024 GEN vs BLG Match Result

MSI 2024 LoL GEN vs BLG
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We will go through all of the games that were played out, as well as the champion picks. 

MSI 2024: Game 1 GEN vs BLG 0-1

Kiin Twisted Fate TOP Camille Bin
Canyon Viego JNG Sejuani Xun
Chovy Orianna MID Ahri knight
Peyz Senna BOT Kalista Elk
Lehends Nautilus SUP Ashe ON

A fantastic dive from BLG secured First Blood onto Peyz' Senna. GEN was able to strike back as Kiin's Twisted Fate secured a kill onto the enemy bot lane. A great pick from the LCK team secured them the mid lane tower and a lot more map presence as both teams started contesting neutral objectives.

A great play by Xun obliterated GEN's roster taking the dragon and further pushing the bot lane. Despite the efforts of the LCK first seed BLG simply pushed them into a corner, reducing any chance of a comeback. 

After a final team fight, GEN was simply destroyed as the 10K Gold lead was too much to handle, with BLG leading the series 1-0.



MSI 2024: Game 2 GEN vs BLG 1-1

Kiin K'Sante TOP Jax Bin
Canyon Nidalee JNG Sejuani Xun
Chovy Yone MID Orianna knight
Peyz Senna BOT Kalista Elk
Lehends Nautilus SUP Ashe ON

A clean pick from the GEN bot lane as ON fell victim, giving first blood to Lehends' Nautilus. BLG was able to strike back, as the GEN support player overstayed his welcome with Xun and ON making quick work of him. 

This time around, GEN was able to pick up the pace and dictate the game state as Canyon's Nidalee was crucial in most fights and skirmishes. The LCK team seems more confident in their performance, as BLG was pushed back into a corner with an astonishing 8K Gold lead at the 26-minute mark.

After a crucial team fight, GEN was able to decimate the LPL roster and secure their first win in the series.

MSI 2024: Game 3 GEN vs BLG 2-1

Bin K'Sante TOP Poppy Kiin
Xun Diana JNG Nidalee Canyon
knight Tristana MID Hwei Chovy
Elk Senna BOT Kalista Peyz
ON Tahm Kench SUP Nautilus Lehends

An incredible Game 3 performance by GEN as Peyz and Lehends were able to step up, following their victory in Game 2. The LCK first seed looked very dominant against the LPL first seed, with a huge 3K Gold lead at 12 minutes into the game. 

GEN's comp was very favored as the amount of poke from Nidalee and Hwei's arsenal of spells applied a lot of pressure, snowballing into taking more objectives and denying BLG access to the backline. A miracle fight by BLG allowed them to secure the Baron, however, Chovy's Hwei was able to execute several of the LPL members. 

An incredible ace from GEN further cemented their lead and allowed them to take Ocean Soul. Peyz' Kalista was unstoppable, paired up with Canyon as the LCK team definitively showed up this time around, securing their lead in the series and going 2-1.



MSI 2024: Game 4 GEN vs BLG 3-1

Bin K'Sante TOP Twisted Fate Kiin
Xun Vi JNG Maokai Canyon
knight Vex MID Corki Chovy
Elk Kalista BOT Lucian Peyz
ON Renata Glasc SUP Nami Lehends

An overconfident Lehends gave away First Blood to BLG, as the early game was rather slow. GEN was able to strike back and kill BLG's ON, with both teams fighting to establish a lead. Game 4 was marked with a very equal game state as both teams were fighting to secure any kind of significant lead.

A very hectic turn of events as both GEN and BLG were stuck in chaotic skirmishes, with both regions losing members, leading to a stalemate. A very close fight around Baron as GEN was able to ace the enemy team. Given how equal both sides seemed, it seems that the LCK team has the better comp. 

A miracle fight by BLG was able to stabilize the game state as they set their eyes on the Baron. A huge mistake by the LPL first seed as they gave up their priority at drake soul, giving GEN more chances of closing out the series.

A massive victory for GEN as they won a crucial fight, securing them the Baron buff, further snowballing their lead and ultimately winning the series, going to Finals. With BLG now locked in to fight the winner of the G2 vs T1 series, we know that the LCK will be fighting for the MSI title.