LoL MSI 2024 Rematch: T1 vs G2 Results and Games

We will take a look at the Bo5 rematch of the MSI 2024 Bracket Stage between the LCK and LEC.

LoL MSI 2024 Bracket Stage Rematch: G2 vs T1 Results and Games
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The League of Legends 2024 Mid-Season Invitational Bracket Stage has begun with everything on the line for the remaining 4 teams. This stage will include a single Bo5 double-elimination format so we can expect a banger series from the get-go. 

With that being said, we will be taking a look at the second Bo5 series between the LCK second seed- T1 as they will face the LEC first seed- G2 Esports.

Although most fans and analysts predict the LPL and LCK to dominate the tournament, a recent interview with the top laner for TES, 369, stated how much the Western players have improved in comparison to their last year's performance.

LoL MSI 2024
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MSI 2024 T1 vs G2 Match Result

MSI 2024 LoL T1 vs G2
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We will go through all of the games that were played out, as well as the champion picks. 

MSI 2024: Game 1 T1 vs G2 1-0

T1 Role G2
Zeus Camille TOP Jax BrokenBlade
Oner Sejuani JNG Kha'Zix Yike
Faker Orianna MID LeBlanc Caps
Gumayusi Kalista BOT Draven Hans Sama
Keria Renata Glasc SUP Poppy Mikyx

An exciting start to the series as Oner was able to secure first blood onto BrokenBlade, however, G2 was able to strike back as Yike's Kha'Zix and Hans Sama's Draven started building up pressure.

A very explosive fight in the river as Draven was able to cash in his passive, however, T1 secured a great kill advantage over G2, as the LCK's comp seemed much stronger in team fights. Another brutal fight in T1's jungle left G2 struggling to secure kills onto the carries as the game is still equal in terms of gold.

G2 started to crumble under the pressure as Zeus' Camille was an unstoppable threat, diving onto the carries. After a fight around dragon, T1 came out victorious and claimed their first Baron of the game. An absolutely phenomenal performance by T1 as they secured their first win in the series.



MSI 2024: Game 2 T1 vs G2 2-0

G2 Role T1
BrokenBlade Urgot TOP K'Sante Zeus
Yike Viego JNG Poppy Oner
Caps Aurelion Sol MID Azir Faker
Hans SamaDraven BOT Varus Gumayusi
Mikyx Nautilus SUP Alistar Keria

A much more explosive start to Game 2 as Caps' Aurelion Sol was able to secure 2 kills onto Faker's Azir with the help of Yike and Mikyx. Although T1 was able to stand their ground, G2 was able to land some crucial kills and thus secure a small lead in the mid game.

Despite G2 looking more confident in this game, T1 is not giving them many opportunities to steamroll the LCK 2023 World Champions. A nail-biting Baron flip landed T1 with the buff and some crucial kills, but Caps was able to stop their onslaught.

T1 was simply too much to handle for the LEC roster, as G2 fell for the second time in this series to the unwavering resolve of Faker and Gumayusi.

MSI 2024: Game 3 G2 vs T1 3-0

G2 Role T1
BrokenBlade Jax TOP Rumble Zeus
Yike Ivern JNG Vi Oner
Caps Tristana MID Taliyah Faker
Hans SamaVarus BOT Kalista Gumayusi
Mikyx Braum SUP Nautilus Keria

A good start for G2 as BrokenBlade's Jax was able to get two kills on Zeus' Rumble, however a successful dive by T1 was able to secure them enough Voidgrubs. A fantastic play by G2 got them a bit of a gold advantage as Caps' Tristana was unleashed. 

G2 was able to establish a serious gold lead as Caps and Hans Sama were able to negate any engage on the side of T1 and get some crucial objectives, slowly pushing the LCK team into a corner. With everything on the line, both teams were fighting mercilessly to avoid elimination. T1 with an incredible pick onto Caps secured them the first Baron. 

After a decisive fight at Baron, T1 was able to take over the series with a clean 3-0 sweep, knocking out G2 out of MSI.