LoL: Malphite Visual Rework Confirmed

League of Legends will be releasing a new version of Malphite very soon. Here's everything we know so far.

LoL: Malphite Visual Rework Confirmed
Riot Games

League of Legends players will be happy to hear about the upcoming Malphite rework seemingly being confirmed, and it seems we're finally getting some insight. Riot Games has hinted at a visual update for the champion, which was (unintentionally or intentionally) revealed in one of the new Skarner videos. Here's everything we know about the Malphite Rework so far:

Malphite Rework Malphite Rework

In the Skarner Rework introduction videos, players can catch a glimpse of a significantly improved Malphite being dragged by Skarner's ultimate ability. This visual upgrade has sparked excitement among fans, who have long been calling for a makeover for the champion.


Skarner Rework
Riot Game

It's worth noting that Malphite has consistently been one of the most requested reworks by the LoL community. Riot appears to be aligning the champion's design with the Wild Rift model, which has garnered praise for its updated visuals and smoother gameplay experience.

While specifics about the Malphite rework haven't been released yet, the leaked visuals offer a promising glimpse into what League of Legends players can expect in the future. As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await further details and announcements from Riot Games regarding this highly anticipated update.

We'll be here to update you once there's more information about the Malphite rework!