LoL: High Noon Event - Pass, Tokens, Rewards, Skins and More

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming event in League of Legends, including the release date in 2024.

LoL: High Noon Event Leak - Event Pass Rewards, Skins and More
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Once the Lunar Revel event is over, League of Legends will welcome the High Noon Event. If you don't already know, this event re-imagines the Summoner's Rift as the Wild West. In this article, you will find everything leaked about the upcoming LoL High Noon Event - Release Date, Skins, Event Pass, Capsule Milestone Opening Rewards, Skins and many more!

High Noon 2024 Skins and Borders

High Noon 2024
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The High Noon event introduces 6 new skins to the skin line. Two of them are Prestige and Mythic. You can learn more about the new High Noon Skins and Prices here. The skins are:

  • Prestige High Noon Evelynn
  • High Noon Evelynn
  • Mythic Peacemaker High Noon Yone
  • High Noon Yone
  • High Noon Gragas
  • High Noon Rell



High Noon 2024 Pass and Tokens 

High Noon Pass and Tokens
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Just like with any event, League of Legends fans will receive tokens for completing missions. These High Noon tokens can be redeemed for exclusive rewards, such as skins, chromas, borders, Orbs, keys, and even Essence. 

LoL players can buy an Event Pass and earn unlimited High Noon Tokens. This is an easier way to win more cosmetics. High Noon Event Passes prices start from 1650 RP, while the most exclusive one costs 3650 RP.

High Noon 2024 Orb

High Noon Orb
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The High Noon orb can either be bought with an Event Pass or redeemed for High Noon Tokens. Opening it will reveal a guaranteed random Skin Shard with a chance to obtain a High Noon 2024 Grab Bag.  These orbs are usually great deals so make sure to win at least one at some point of the event.

High Noon 2024 Exclusive Pack & Grab Bag 

High Noon Exclusive Pack High Noon Grab Bag

The High Noon Exclusive Pack can have either:

  • 3 Skin Shards (worth a maximum of 1350 RP)
  • 4 random Skin Shards (worth a minimum of 975 RP) 
  • 4 Skin Permanents of any value.

There's a bonus chance at Mythic Essence in all of its versions. 

The High Noon Grab Bag will contain 2 Skin Shards (worth a minimum of 975 RP) and 1 random Skin Shard (worth a maximum of 1350 RP). There's also a bonus chance at Mythic Essence and 2 random Skin Shards. 



High Noon 2024 Capsule

Capsules can be won through progressing in the pass track, as milestone rewards. One of them can contain 3 random Skin Shards with a chance to get:

  • High Noon 2024 Grab Bag
  • Peacemaker High Noon Yone Skin, Border & Icon. 

High Noon 2024 Capsule Milestones

High Noon Capsule Milestones
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  • 1 (750 RP) - Icon
  • 3 (2250 RP) - Emote
  • 5 (3750 RP) - Random High Noon Skin Permanent
  • 10 (7500 RP) - Random High Noon Skin Permanent
  • 15 (11250 RP) - Random High Noon Skin Permanent
  • 20 (15000 RP) - Random High Noon Skin Permanent and Grab Bag
  • 25 (18750 RP) - Two Grab Bags
  • 30 (22500 RP) - High Noon Yone Skin, Icon and Border

High Noon 2024 Event Release Date

The High Noon event will start in League of Legends on March 20th, with LoL Patch 14.6.



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