LoL: All Updates in 2024 Patch Schedule

If you're wondering when is the next LoL update, here is the League of Legends patch schedule for 2024.

LoL: All Updates in 2024 Patch Schedule
Riot Games

League of Legends regularly goes through updates that change the meta and gameplay. These patch notes bring lots of buffs, nerfs, and adjustments to both champions and items. It's important for players to stay in touch with these changes in LoL in order to perform well and be aware of what works well in the game currently. In this article, we will take a look at all upcoming League of Legends patch updates in 2024. The release dates have been confirmed by Riot Games.



LoL Patch Schedule 2024

LoL Schedule 2024
Riot Games

LoL updates are released twice a month. Please keep in mind that some of the dates listed below might change if Riot Games devs need more time to work on the current League of Legends patch:

LoL Patch Release Date
14.7 Wednesday, April 3
14.8 Wednesday, April 17
14.9 Wednesday, May 1
14.10 Wednesday, May 15
14.11 Thursday, May 30
14.12 Wednesday, June 12
14.13 Wednesday, June 26
14.14 Wednesday, July 17
14.15 Wednesday, July 31
14.16 Wednesday, August 14
14.17 Wednesday, August 28
14.18 Wednesday, September 11
14.19 Wednesday, September 25
14.20 Wednesday, October 9
14.21 Wednesday, October 23
14.22 Wednesday, November 6
14.23 Wednesday, November 20
14.24 Wednesday, December 11


What is the Current LoL Patch?

Currently, League of Legends is at patch 14.11. You can check out the champion tier lists for all roles and lanes on our website.

When is the Next LoL Patch Going to be Released?

The next upcoming League of Legends patch is 14.12 and it will be released on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. We always make sure to release the patch notes as soon as there is leaked or official information. Stay tuned!