Lies of P Stats Guide: What Each Stat Does & Soft Caps

Learn the best way to level up your character!

Lies of P Stats Guide: What Each Stat Does & Soft Caps
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In Lies of P, much like other games in the souls-like genre, your character's statistics, or stats for short, are a crucial part of shaping your character's abilities and playstyle. But what do these different stats actually mean? This guide aims to break down all the main stats in Lies of P and explain their significance.

Lies of P Stats explained
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Vitality primarily revolves around your health. When you invest Ergo sum into Vitality, your total Health increases, and it also enhances your Guard Regain capabilities. Having higher health not only allows you to take more hits but also improves your ability to regain health when attacking after blocking. Vitality is valuable for most players, especially in the early stages before you gain the ability to respec your character.


Vigor is closely tied to your Stamina. The more Vigor you have, the greater your Stamina pool becomes, enabling you to perform more consecutive attacks, run longer distances, and dodge more effectively. It's particularly important if you're using heavier weapons that consume more Stamina per swing.


Capacity acts as a replacement for the traditional Weight mechanic. A higher Capacity means you can carry a heavier load, including your Legion Arm, Amulets, and Weapons. For most players, it's advisable to keep your Capacity percentage (visible at the top of the Status menu) between 60-70% to maintain optimal movement speed and rolling. Additionally, higher Capacity lets you use your Legion Arm's abilities more before it's fully depleted.

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Motivity serves as the counterpart to the Strength stat in other games and is one of the three stats that collectively determine your attack power in Lies of P. Motivity is typically associated with larger and heavier weapons like Greatswords. You can check a weapon's Motivity rank to gauge how much it would benefit from a high Motivity stat, thereby boosting your damage output.


Technique mirrors the Dexterity stat found in other titles and is another of the three stats that influence your attack strength in Lies of P. Technique is linked to nimble, smaller weapons that favor a faster combat style. Numerous weapons fall into this category, so checking a weapon's Technique rank will help you determine how a higher Technique stat could improve your damage output.


Advance is analogous to Magic or Intelligence stats in other games and completes the trio of stats that affect your attack power in Lies of P. Aside from enhancing your elemental damage output, Advance also bolsters your resistance against various status ailments.

Lies of P stat softcaps explained
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Understanding Soft Caps

In Lies of P, there are Soft Caps for each of these stats, much like in other souls-like games. These Soft Caps signify a point where, after reaching a certain level in a particular stat, you'll experience diminishing returns in terms of statistical increases. Once you hit these thresholds, it's generally more beneficial to start leveling up a different stat.

While the exact numbers may vary slightly, Soft Caps typically kick in around 30-40 for most stats. Vitality has a higher threshold. As a general guideline, when you reach 40 in a particular stat, you'll likely only see minor increases of 1-3 points per level-up.

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