Is Zenless Zone Zero Multiplayer Co Op

This article will go over if Zenless Zone Zero will have multiplayer co-op when it launches later this year.

Is Zenless Zone Zero Multiplayer Co Op

The newest big title from the chinese developer HoYoverse is Zenless Zone Zero, or as most people know it ZZZ.

Zenless Zone Zero is a fast paced instance based action game that features a colorful cartoony world and a vast roster of characters.

The game is set to launch sometime in 2024 and players that are waiting for the game are all wondering if the game will have multiplayer co-op.

In this article we’ll go over all we know so far about the multiplayer state of ZZZ and what you can expect.

Does Zenless Zone Zero Have Multiplayer


As of writing there is no official confirmation if ZZZ will have multiplayer co-op. 

Given how the game operates and how its gameplay style and core mechanics are somewhat similar to Honkai Impact 3rd we can assume that Zenless Zone Zero will feature some kind of multiplayer option, however, that is still up for debate.

Currently from what we’ve seen during the various tests ZZZ seems to be more focused on single-player modes with the random arcade game where you can compete against others.

However, although the arcade games allow you to compare your score to others that doesn’t necessarily make them multiplayer co-op.



As it stands there is still no way for you to queue up with friends to take on stages together similar to how you do in Genshin Impact.

We hope to see some kind of system similar to games like Dungeon Fighter Online where you can form a group of people to tackle various missions, or a system similar to Honkai Impact 3rd where you match up with people to beat bosses.

However, if we will get something like that remains to be seen and will only be revealed when the game actually launches.

Who knows, we might get a proper multiplayer co-op mode, or we may get something similar to Honkai: Star Rail’s support system.

Regardless of how this progresses we will keep you updated with any new information that comes out!