Is Zenless Zone Zero a Gacha Game

In this article we’ll go over whether Zenless Zone Zero, also known as ZZZ, is a gacha game or not.

Is Zenless Zone Zero a Gacha Game

Zenless Zone Zero, or ZZZ, is HoYoverse’s upcoming action game that is set to launch later this year.

ZZZ offers a wide cast of characters that players can use in the game’s action packed combat, however, getting those characters is what we’ll be discussing today, and answering if Zenless Zone Zero is in fact a gacha game.

Is Zenless Zone Zero a Gacha Game?


The answer to that is, yes.

ZZZ is the newest gacha game being developed by HoYoverse.

Similar to other of HoYoverse’s games such as: Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, Honkai: Impact 3rd, in Zenless Zone Zero you will gather premium currency which you can obtain by either playing the game or spending real life money. 

After which you will spend this premium currency to pull/wish on the game’s wishing system to have a chance at getting the characters you want.



Is Premium Currency Easy to Get in ZZZ


From what we have gathered during the latest test for Zenless Zone Zero premium currency is somewhat scarce and can be a pain to get. 

Nonetheless this is only the impressions from the test. 

When the game launches some time this year we can expect to get a ton of events and other free rewards that will surely load us up with a ton of premium currency.